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Giuliano Stroe has a six-pack. Big deal, you say? That number surpasses the number of years the pint-sized Romanian weightlifting god has even been alive.

Yes, you read that correctly. We’re guessing this guy could beat up our interns (puny, lazy alcoholics that they are), but that would almost be acceptable.

At the very least, if you were going to get beat up by a five-year old, it wouldn’t seem as bad as that sounds if it’s one that’s as ripped as Giuliano Stroe.

The pre-school weightlifter entered the Guinness Book of World Records this week, even if he probably doesn’t know what that is, nor can he read it.

He etched his name in the history books after completing the fastest ever 10-meter walk with a weight ball between the legs, whatever the hell that is.

We don’t want to question it, though. We like our faces the way they look now. Check out this four-minute video of Giuliano Stroe and be astounded …

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