January Jones in GQ: A Mad Men Marvel

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Never listen to Ashton Kutcher.

That's the lesson we're taking away from the new issue of GQ, after reading that he once tried to encourage then-girlfriend January Jones to quit acting.

"[He] was NOT supportive of my acting," the Mad Men star tells the magazine. "He was like, 'I don't think you're going to be good at this.' So, f**k you!"

Damn straight!

Now that the Golden Globe-nominated actress stars as depressed housewife Betty Draper on the Emmy-winning AMC series, she isn't holding a grudge against Demi Moore's Twitter-obsessed husband, who "only has nice things to say" now.

"If anything, I should thank him," she says, putting the best spin on it. "The minute you tell me I can't do something, that's when I'm most motivated."

January Jones GQ Cover

January never seemed so hot until now.

The onetime Abercrombie and Fitch model was at the gravesite of Doors frontman Jim Morrison in Paris when she realized she was "miserable" modeling.

"I left the agency and then - very quickly - decided to go to L.A. and try acting," January Jones recalls of how she got her start. "Without any training!"

She's still searching for the right guy, however.

"Dear men of America," she says into the GQ interviewer's recorder. "I like beer. I like football. I'm probably the most interesting girl you'll ever meet."

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Hot January!
January Jones Cleavage
January Jones in GQ

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It's ironic, given the essentially feminist critique that runs through Mad Men,and how easy it is for us to see the inequalities, that when January appears on GQ, she has to show more cleavage than face. No, more than ironic; it's tragic.


agreed with you angelina, they are just boobs, shes has an amazing face!


if she covered up a bit people would notice how pretty her face is so by showing most of her boobs she's not doing herself any favors


now she is MUch prettier than megan fox, just wished she had of covered up, she would have looked classy!


ahhhh - yeah, sex sells and all... but seriosuly people.. who cares, there just boobs...


i don't know where these stars got the idea of putting their breasts on a magazine cover to have more sales but apparently it works for them because they all do it


that doesn't look like her


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January Jones GQ Cover
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