Has Celebrity Twittering Jumped the Shark?

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Is Twitter going all Heroes on us?

In other words, we're wondering if it has reached the point where it can no longer improve, and will suffer a slow decline occasionally punctuated by cheap stunts to remain relevant (see Hayden Panettiere girl-on-girl scene).

The proverbial jumping of the shark, if you will.

Twitter may be the perfect way to find out what your favorite celebrities - or even Spencer Pratt, for that matter - are eating, doing or thinking RIGHT NOW.

But for stars, is all this "social networking" more trouble than it's worth?

Hung star Jane Adams was caught dining-and-dashing at an L.A. restaurant recently, thanks to her stilted waiter's lightning-quick Twitter update. Bam!

Lindsay Lohan makes a Tweeting mockery of herself almost daily. The Tila Tequilas and Adrianne Currys of the world practically beg for attention on it.

So Peaceful
El Presidente

The Twitterverse knows few bounds. Is that a good thing?

Heck, even the President of the United States was done in by a Twittering reporter, who circulated his off-camera remark that Kanye West is a jackass.

Then yesterday, Miley Cyrus deleted her Twitter page for new beau Liam Hemsworth, a move somewhat emblematic of the fact that it's so overexposed.

What's more, the Federal Trade Commission recently outlined new rules for bloggers (celebrities and commoners alike) to abide by, including having to publicly state if someone's paying you to endorse a product on a blog or social network.

Fortunately for Speidi, that brand is Speidi. But many other celebrities are endorsing other products left and right. How this plays out will be interesting.

Even if they don't follow Miley's lead, some stars should at least tone down the Tweeting a little. After all, those who do not Twitter - Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Zac Efron, etc. - may end up having more staying power.

Gotta leave 'em wanting more, after all.


haha yeah it mixed up but ah well :)
i love miley and rp!!


mixed up stuff but i think it is cool


celebrity twittering is entertaining, but completely useless and its an invasion of their privacy, even if they invite it in


I think so. Its nothing but Gossip but I like it LOL


Is is really a big deal for this site to actually care what people are writing about on their twitter. It is made for people to say what they are doing and how they are feeling. Its just like you posting gossip about them, you are doing the exact same thing. Obviously you care enough to check to see what they are writing...Give people a break would you. If Miley Cyrus wasn't famous, it would be alright for her to write those things and no one would care. I do very much think that this site is part of the reason people delete their twitter accounts because all they get is critized for writing down their thoughts, opinions, and feelings. Just back off!


i love miley :)(L)


two words: STUPID STUFF!


Twitter is ridiculous. No one needs to 'tweet' their whereabouts at all hours of the day.


yeah im not sure what to think aboutit cuz its cool to see what your fav people are doing but then again its kinda sad when your twittering 24/7. 3/4 the things they say are stupid. like just woke up. or im eating. well thats great for you


I think twitter is the stupidest thing. If your life is so empty that you have time to constantly update what you're doing then you're not a very busy celebrity. Hence Tila Tequila, Lindsay Lohan, "speidi" (btw, they're not cute enough for a nickname).


Twitter Quotes

Fuck Michael sam.


I'm already tired of hearing about Michael sam's lust for dick.