Heroes Spoilers, Shark Jumping and Girl-on-Girl Action: Hayden Panettiere Kisses Madeline Zima!

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We might have to start watching Heroes again, because if this future story line is any indication, the show is about to turn a creative corner and recapture the magic that made it one of TV's most riveting shows in 2006-2007.

A Pretty Panettiere Pic

Ha, we almost got through that with a straight face. In reality, the show will very likely continue to suck, though this cheap, shark-jumping stunt does look hot.

As Heroes spoilers have hinted for months, a Hayden Panettiere lesbian kiss is coming our way in next week's episode. The lucky girl involved? Madeline Zima.

Motivated by strong ratings urges and an exciting new desperation for publicity character, Claire opts for some girl-on-girl action with roommate Gretchen ...

Heroes sucks. As does Madeline Zima, with Hayden Panettiere's face.

Of course, the actual scene is likely brief and Claire is unlikely to go full-on G-on-G from here on out. But hey, they make a pretty cute couple, don't they?

What do you think of this? Just a cheap PR stunt, right? Do you even watch Heroes? Will you now? Prefer to just stare at some Hayden Panettiere pictures?

Comment away!


Turns out it wasn't a ratings ploy after all. And the "Heroes sucks" cottage industry crap is annoying.


it's bad idea to have 2 girls kissing each other. I think it will be more excited if it was Hayden with Ali ( Tracy ) because Ali is soooooooooo sexy! don't you think so?


love heroes!


can we say ratings ploy?


Well I think that it will be awsome to see. I am a girl but that is a nice pic of them two kidding and I know the guys will love it. I use to watch Hero's but then they started getting out there and I just quit watching it.


Oh oh.. looks interesting :p Love heroes btw! ^^


Nothing like a lesbian kiss scene to boost lacking ratings.


i never seen this show but ive had people tell me its really good.


I wish she was still with Milo, they make such a cute couple!


people don't watch too much tv these days so they need to find things that will get peoples attention again...

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