Fox NFL Sunday Mocks Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

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Fox NFL Sunday, the network's weekly pregame show, is not funny.

It's as if the hosts try to offer as little insight as possible, while they sit around and laugh at each other's jokes, which they try to make as unfunny as possible.

Nevertheless, you have to give the football pundits credit for this cartoon spoof from last Sunday, which mocks their own show as well as the Dallas Cowboys.

Head Coach Wade Phillips, quarterback Tony Romo and his ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson are among those ridiculed, and let's just say Fox was far from subtle.

Of Jessica's weight gain, running back Marion Barber jokes, "I can't believe Tony dated Jessica Simpson, even after she blew up bigger than Flozell Adams!"

Flozell, BT-Dubs, is an tackle for Dallas who tips the scales at 340.

Pretty rough. Here's the clip from Sunday's pregame show ...


this is sick! that poor girl!


I don't think it is nice to make fun of people but it was funny
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This type of humor goes to level or IQ of their fans. I suspect is does sound funny to the big lumps on the lazy boy watching "their team."
To bad they did not mock the tub of lard coaches like Mike McCarthy, Tom Coughlin, Eric Mangini, or Wade Phillips to name a few. Then of course they would be apologizing.


Oh dang, that's harsh.


They better not apologize. She deserves to be mocked. And so does Romo for dating this fat idiot.


Too bad Fox's collective IQ is less than Flozell's shoe size.


The guys making fun of Jessica have fat ugly wives,mothers,daughters,girlfriends,etc.
They are proving how jealous they are


That's really awful! She wasn't even that big!


This is F***ED UP! They need to send out an apology, I'd bring a lawsuit against them!


this is horrible, excessively mean. sad when a girl the size a jessica is ridiculed like that.

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