Crystal Harris: I'm Not Holly Madison!

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Tonight, E! viewers will meet the new Girls Next Door, as Crystal Harris, Karissa Shannon and Kristina Shannon officially replaced Holly, Bridget and Kendra as Hugh Hefner's leading ladies.

Asked about the woman that's replaced her atop the Playboy Mansion girlfriend train, Madison said in a recent interview that Harris is her "clone," a description the busty blonde takes exception to.

“That is flattering because I wouldn’t compare myself saying that someone looks like me,” Crystal said to OK! Weekly of Holly’s comments. “I just think it’s flattering.”

Hmmm... we wonder where Holly ever would have gotten this comparison from.

Crystal Harris is the exact opposite of Holly Madison, if you don't count their hair color, fake boobs and shared penchant for banging old men.

Meanwhile, those hoping to get to know Kristina Shannon should check out her MySpage page, where the sex-crazed sibling writes:

"Love me without fear. Trust me without wondering. Love me without restrictions. Want me without demands. Accept me how I am. A love like that will be ETERNAL!"

It will also be good for ratings. Click on the photos below for larger images of the new (and improved?) Girls Next Door:

The Viagra Train
Close Sisters

No one can replace Holly, she is the best, she is smart, talented, cute and adorable. She was an assesset to Hugh Heffner. stupid man
the twins will never compare to Holly, they are not smart at all, just fame whores, not that cute, what ever


Holly is the best person she is pretty reeeeeeaaaaal and so so gourgeous in and out,more than fu**biatch Crystal is fake and Bridgit is fake too dont have personality and laughing omg like Kendra and the others twins too, laughing like s Kendra too too fake and Kendra and Hollys are my favorites girls next door. Love u Holly and Kendra youre the best miss u too much in tv. PLEASE DONT COPY BE REAL lol jaja........... Crystal fake


I think Crystal is NOTHING compared to Holly. Not being mean but Holly is perfect physically and she has one of the sweetest personalities ever. She truely loved Hef and even a stranger could see that (ME!). Hef will regret marrying Crystal (and thats not a put down to Crystal). It just seems Hollys love was real...shes still not over him. Hef, do the right thing.


yo ya no veo la serie ya que cristal me cae muy mal es como myu falsa e interezada y holly era linda, sencilla y me caia muy bien y creo que a cristal le falta el angel que tenia holly


you know i thought i was not going to like these girls because i loved the previous seasons but once you start watching it is just great i love these eps now prob more then the others they are just all so good together. i think that crystal harris is the best shes funny and down to earth. She is also prob the prettiest and hottest girl hef has had to date.


Crystal Harris is by far my favorite of all 6 of the "girls next door"...Bridget is my second favorite..Holly is third..the twins forth and Kendra is a distant 6th..


i dont like the new grls they jus doing everything kendra and
holly were doing dont they hve a brain of their own i miss the old grls and i cant stand crystal she one annoying bi atchhhhhhhhh she doing everything holly had done on the show y cant they bring bck holly kebdra and bridget or at least hef can ask bridget to be his grl frnd or ask her to cme bck to the mansion.


Why is Hef getting a divorce now when he wouldn't while Holly was still there. He should have kept her there and tried to have more children with the help of fertility doctors. I don't want to watch the show now unless Holly is on and it was great last night seeing Holly again.


you should see the twittering they do, it got so annoying i dleted them


No your not crystal, your an uglier fake version of Holly!

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