Brooke Hundley Pictures: Revealed, Below Average

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After her shocking affair and harassment of ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips, we were kind of expecting more from Brooke Hundley by way of pictures.

You know, the boilerplate scandalous, half-naked, wild-child stuff. Brooke Hundley is 22 years old, after all, and clearly has a screw loose if not several.

A normal girl doesn't write a letter to her lover's wife bragging about nailing him, or stalk his teenage son on Facebook, or crash her car into his house.

Yet she looks decidedly normal in pictures like this one ...

Beneath that awkward smile lies psycho Brooke Hundley.

After the Steve Phillips scandal broke yesterday, the former New York Mets general manager asked for and was granted a leave of absence from his job at ESPN.

His mind clearly took one earlier this year when he decided to sleep with this girl.

There's nothing wrong with the All-American Plain Jane type, don't get us wrong, but you gotta wonder why one risks one's entire life for sex with a crazy person.

Click to enlarge lots more Brooke Hundley pictures below ...


She's in Western New York state and up to her old tricks. She's stalking another woman and has gotten out of control!


Ah, Steve was a jerk on this one, woo big time. Marni is way hotter then this 22 year old. I am sorry, dont want to be mean but Brook, your not a babe. I mean your young but not a babe. Steve your a freakN fool for putting your wife in this situation with children. The 911 car is AWFUL and YOUR FAULT DUDE. What the hell was this B leaving a note for? Can't you keep your trash from the office at the office. Brook, you played so you must have let it feel good your nasty girl and he is a dirty old man. Marnie is way to classy for Steve. Hope your proud Steve and Brookie the Rookie youare both HOMEWRECKERS.


This man needs serious sex addiction counseling. Looking at these picks I could barely keep from vomiting. I'm sure we all have had a moment of weakness, but damn.


She is just Fugly


I wonder what that man see in her? she is fat, big things, big tummy, sweaty gross..catholics hypocrits...creepy. Gosh, we asian girls are hot and sexy why dont phillip chase us instead of her.


AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! i was hoping she was ugly but G**D***!!! LMFAO!!!


Why wouldn't he just get a prostitute - much cheaper and less likely to get caught. Also, he could pick and choose based on looks. I have been with prostitutes before and once you get over the initial nervousness, it's almost like going to the coffee shop to pick up a caffeine fix - it's so natural you don't even think about it and you loose all feelings of guilt.


I would SOOOO DO HER!!!! Shes not super hot but I bet if you get her behind closed doors shes wild! I do love her "pouting" pic where them dark eyes are sooo sexy! BTW I'm 48 years old.


Hoy crap, if you are gonna fark around on your wife, and least find someone who looks halfway decent. Not someone who is on the way to auditing for the whale show at Sea World.


by the way... i love the bunny picture. very 15 yearold myspace. the camera angle, taken alone in her bathroom, blowing a kiss to the camera
how could steve phillips not say yes yes yes?!

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