Steve Phillips Scandal Results in Leave of Absence

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ESPN baseball analyst Steve Phillips is taking a leave of absence amid the sex scandal that he finds himself snared in thanks to former lover Brooke Hundley.

The New York media reported earlier that the former General Manager of the New York Mets was involved in a relationship with the female ESPN employee.

Phillips is married, and lives with his wife and four children, in Wilton, Conn. He had a sexual affair this summer with Brooke Hundley, which he broke off.

This blew up in his face when she allegedly stalked his 16-year-old son on Facebook and dropped off a bizarre letter to Phillips' wife Marni at their house.

The letter pretty much bragged about her affair with Steve, disclosing details about his genitalia and asserting that his marriage to Marni Phillips was over.

After dropping the letter off, Hundley then drove her car into a pilon, traumatizing the family and leading Steve Phillips to file a police report against her.

Steve Phillips is taking a leave of absence from ESPN.

Acknowledging the relationship in a statement, Phillips said:

"I am deeply sorry that I have put my family and colleagues through this. It is a personal matter that I will not comment on further. I have, however, asked for a leave of absence to address this with my family and to avoid unnecessary distractions."

ESPN suspended him for a week and released this statement:

"We were aware of this and took appropriate disciplinary action at the time. We have granted Steve Phillips' request for an extended leave of absence to address it."

The irony here is that Steve Phillips gets paid, presumably a lot, to talk about baseball on TV and dispense opinions on the sport, despite the fact that he was fired as a GM after making some terrible personnel decisions.

Yet he can't do the same because slept with a crazy 22-year-old.


Ha Ha his ass got fired, the loser


there's been a lot of marriage-cheating posts lately. sad :(


go ladies


I agree too. People always blame the married cheater but what about the other person who goes into knowing the guy or woman is married? They are both to blame. I know they aren't thinking clearly but how and why do you risk/ruin your marriage and family life for a 22 year old girl who really isn't that desirable. Not that being attractive means it's okay to stray. One would just assume a guy would be attracted to someone pretty. Way to go , I hope it was worth it.


I agree with KJ - the fact that someone is willing to date another person who is already married just boggles my mind.. how naive and selfish can you be?


#1 - If a woman is willing to date you when you are married you are both already crazy in my book. #2 - If my husband cheats on me, I pray the girl reacts like this! At least then I'll know and can appropriately kick him out. #3 - I hope all cheaters are exposed like this. Maybe they would stop!


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