Brooke Hundley-Steve Phillips Affair, Scandal Exposed; Marni Phillips Sues For Divorce

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If you thought trading Scott Kazmir for Victor Zambrano during his stint as GM of the Mets was the worst decision Steve Phillips could make, think again.

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    Steve Phillips Accepts Responsibility for Brooke Hundley Affair, Cites Sex Addiction

    Steve Phillips is owning up to his affair with Brooke Hundley. He also says he's been treated for a sex addiction.

    Brooke Hundley Interview Confirms Nut Job Status of Steve Phillips' Mistress

    In her first interview, Brooke Hundley tells Good Morning America about her affair with ESPN analyst Steve Phillips. She does not appear stable.

    Brooke Hundley Fired By ESPN Too

    Brooke Hundley has been cut loose the same day as Steve Phillips was fired by ESPN. Their sordid affair over the summer left the network no choice.

    Steve Phillips Fired Over Brooke Hundley Affair

    Steve Phillips has been fired by ESPN over his affair with Brooke Hundley, a 22-year-old production assistant with the network who went on to go insane.

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    July 10th I just saw Steve Phillips on NBC Sports Extra giving comnentary and he had his wedding ring on! If this wife took him back she should go to court to change her name from MARNI to DESPERADO! This is so typical...wife hasn't worked in 25 years and doesn't want to give up the bank machine and easy life. I call women like her FREEGANS...they live FREE and NEED to stay with loser husbands that cheat. I think men that have dependent wive's start to think of them like MOMMY ...MOMMY will never she is a big huge fallback safety net for them to go out and have fun where they can get away w/ it. Thankfully I read somewhere he has had a vasectomy. Good in one way back in another...license to f_ _ K! THEY ARE BOTH LOSERS :(


    mistress: an ugly s..t w/o regard for family values.
    s.phillips: middle-aged j..k w/o love for his family.
    the wife: should have never forgiven his first incident.You can't help but feel bad for her, but not in a "victim's" sort of way.
    the kids: it's hard for sons to forgive, understand or take moral lessons from a father who hurt their mother. They'd be better off w/o him.


    She sounds like a complete idiot. Not to mention extremely delusional. If I was that man's wife I would feel so sick if I read that letter.


    I actually think she should have kept her mouth shut cause shes pretty skanky. Whats wrong with Phillips to even fool with her? He must be a sex addict or something because both "things" he cheated with were nasty. Move on Marni--theres someone good & respectful out there for you.


    BOTH WERE WRONG. in the letter she said to the wife, im not doing this to try and hurt you. BULLSHIT! she wrote that letter only for one thing, and that was to finalize steve's marriage. she basically said if i cant have you she cant either ( the leagal way) and not having it end up like the other steve. R.I.P. REAL TALK


    whether or not a man can keep it in his pants or not, what about the woman? she is not the innocent victim. most women are the trouble makers. wake up!


    Damn she's creepy.. did you read the letter she wrote, about Steve's birthmark? :S gross.


    Holy son-of-a-bitch! WOW. WOW. WOW. What a little bitch, lol. this is just HORRIBLE!


    This is incredible sad. What a child. This is just disrespecful in ever way. I can't believe he would put his family through this public horror.


    Poor stupid, naive little girl...Did you really think that he would someday leave his family for you? Seems to me you both must have missed a few church lessons on morals. As an individual, you had the power to say no to a married man. What goes around comes around. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow but someday you will be the mother with children and a cheating man. Karma, sweetie. As far as he's concerned, horndogs never change. You deserve each other.

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