Best Excuse Ever: Jon Gosselin Thought it Was Payday

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After a judge ordered Jon Gosselin to return $180,000 to the account he shares with nagging, estranged wife Kate, he now admits he improperly withdrew the funds.

He's still feigning confusion and calling it a misunderstanding, though.

"It was just after arbitration, we weren't supposed to take money out of the account and we both did," Jon told Entertainment Tonight. "I was found in contempt for doing so. I didn't realize, I was just like taking my paycheck out."

Ahh, you mean THAT $180,000 ...

Come on, Jon. At least come up with a plausible story, or come clean. We all know you don't make THAT much. Nor could you be so consumed with amorous thoughts about Hailey Glassman that you put a decimal point in the wrong place.

Big Pimpin' J

Jon Gosselin is even worse at lying than at fatherhood.

The King of Pimps added that Kate, who accused him removing $200,000, then upped it to $230,000, then finally $235,000 from their account and leaving her unable to pay bills or feed their kids, has to return whatever she withdrew.

"I'm gonna be truthful and abide by the court and I'll put it back," Jon said, displaying such admirable honesty and trust. "And she has to do the same."

All the money is supposed to be put back by October 26.

As for Kate's funds, "it's unaccounted for," he said. "By Friday, we'll know her complete accounting, which might reduce mine. So I don't know what's going on."

So true in so many ways.

Something he does know - to his chagrin - is that his show will end its run as we know it in November, after which it becomes single-mom-touting Kate Plus 8.

Scoffing at TLC and their newly-renamed show, Jon also stated that he will be "continuing on television" and is "not worried about future employment."

Thanks to Jon, neither is the THG staff. What recession??!!


Dumbass isn't worth a penny, worthless excuse


I am just happy that everybody (that had things to say about Kates nagging) can see why she acted in such a manner. We ALL treat people accordingly. Every action has an equal & opposite reaction. For all the people (mostly men) who said Kate deserved to be cheated on for the way she treats Jon, hopefully, going forward you will be judges of character.


Jon is such a loser. How could he take that money just to feed his -itches. I can truly say that show was not about those kids, the show was only about the money. I can't wait until this ride is over for the both of them and they have to go out and get real jobs to feed those babies. Kate need to sit down as well. I do think that she is trying to do a better job of being a parent then Jon. But I am sick of both of them maily Jon losing azz...........


he better hope he will be continuing on...child support for 8 kids and alimony is going to cost him dearly...what a dumb ass.


This crap for brains douche thinks he's getting a new reality show w/ Lindsay Lohan's douche dad the both of them came up w/ this lame idea, and they wanna call it divorced dads club. Why do they think we're interested in any part of their lives? If the tabloids would just cease to report on them on mags they would be reduced to nothing, TLC will fire both of them, and they can go back to begging their neighbors & community for free babysitting and all the freebies these free loaders can take.


ahhh, he kinda makes me REALLY sick!!


I didn't sleep with all those women, I didn't take the money, I didn't, I didn't, I didn't. And when he was caught in the lie - he made another to cover the first. He is a sick man.


i wish everybody in the america would just agree to stop talking about them


disgusting moron


LOSER. I bet if he didn't get caught he would have taken the kids money next.


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