Ashlee Simpson Evicted From Melrose Place

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The CW recently picked up Melrose Place for five additional episodes despite lackluster ratings thus far, a move that surprised more than a few TV critics.

Well, it turns out producers at least have a plan to improve the freshman series, starting with the firing of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, according to TV Fanatic.

Another cast member, Colin Egglesfield, will also be let go along with Ashlee as of January. The show's murder mystery will be wrapped up in December.

Reports say Melrose Place will also take on a lighter tone, which is probably a smart move when they're not exactly dealing with Emmy-winning actors.

Ashlee Simpson-Wentz, left, and Colin Egglesfield have been evicted from Melrose Place. The girl in the middle is sticking around for now. No wonder she's smiling!

New cast members, including the return of original series star Heather Locklear, will begin to be integrated as the series transitions into the new year.

All in all, if the show made these moves to save its a$$, more power to it. The murder plot lacked consistency, and it was taking itself too seriously.

And seriously, it is worth nothing that Ashlee cannot act. At all.

We aren't delighting in anyone getting fired from their job, as it's not her fault that she has absolutely no talent, but from a creative standpoint, it had to be done.

Hey, at least it will give her more time to spend with baby Bronx.


Ashlee a doG??? OMG !
Ashlee is good artist, she's talented and she's prouve it all the time !


I am so glad she is getting evicted but i wish Colin Egglesfield wasn't i think he is a good actor but should have known when he was the one getting accused of being the killer...but i was suprised when i seen heather Locklear on the show....btw im a Melrose place newby so i dont know much about it but its great!


You think after the crappola of acting she gave viewers (with her hubby by her side) on CSI she would have stopped


They could have done a lot more with Violet's character. I don't think Ashlee's that bad of an actor. But it is what it is. I'm excited that Heather Locklear's coming back!!


it's kind of funny how you guys can say that she needs to get a life when she obviously does. acting on a t.v. show, having a minor singing career, married with a child. if your day consists of bashing a celebrity on the computer without even meeting her or having a small part in her life then you really need to take your own advice.


Can we get her husband, the troll, to get fired from the music business? please? Pleaseplease?


Thaaaank god, whoever was the tool who approved her for the role inthe first place is an idiot, or was drugged (pssibly by pete or ashlee..??) regardless, thank the lord!


Ashlee Simpson is a complete dog in heat. She has no morals, character, or talent just like her sister who is dumber than a Patrick Star on Spongebob Squarepants. Get a life Ashlee and work a real job for once and you will understand what it's like in the real world because you have no clue of what its about. Your not a role model to any young girl like Carrie Underwood is so get out of the spotlight and stop the drugs. Your behavior screams of alcohol and drugs and you need to think about your future.

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