Stephanie Pratt: The Hills is Brutal!

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Lauren Conrad is already gone.

Audrina Patridge is set to say farewell.

And now Stephanie Pratt says she ready for life beyond The Hills.

“I think Audrina, Lo and I are all going to leave after these 10 episodes,” Pratt, who appeared on last night's season premiere, told “I don’t know how much more I can take of The Hills... The Hills is very brutal.”

Yeah. We can only imagine the pain that $65,000 weekly paycheck must cause.

Stephanie insists she won't be exiting the show "because of [Kristin Cavallari]," saying: “I was going to stay and see what happens after these ten episodes, but I just don’t think I can stand The Hills anymore."

That's how most viewers feel about her Satanic brother. Will you miss Pratt when she's gone?


Shock horror!Now you'll have to get a real job in the real world!


She is looking scary on this season!


she needs to stop crying her 15 minutes will be over as soon as this show is off


she looks so horrible now she should of stayed away from the knife


I bet I could find 65,000 reasons to not complain.


Cry me a freakin river people....... BOOOOHOOOO she will find another gig...


oh wa suck it up


she is really prety !:D


i still quite like her so i would be sad to see steph go :(
love audrina more though!! hehe


Oh, I am orostate with grief.Where do these slugs come from? Who are these turd-fondlers?

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