Kara DioGuardi Says Ellen DeGeneres is "Genius" Selection for American Idol

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Some highly-respected, hilarious, attractive celebrity gossip websites aren't sure if Ellen DeGeneres is the best choice for an American Idol judge.

But last year's new addition to the show, Kara DioGuardi, is not among the skeptics. She had nothing but glowing praise for Ellen when asked about her at an Emmy Award after-party.

"I think it's a genius decision," DioGuardi told People. "I wish I had thought of it... I would say she would probably be somebody who would be fair in her criticism and will try to be as supportive as she possibly could. I think it's going to be a lot of fun." 

Kara at the Emmys

As for Ellen, she's aware of the criticism her selection has been met with. Regarding the type of judge she'll be, DeGeneres said:

"I will be kind. I will be compassionate. I will be empathetic, and I will be truthful. I will be an honest judge without being mean."

We'll find out in January what that translates into. For now, be sure to listen to the first single from last year's winner, Kris Allen!


Ellen D. thinks the world lives for her humor every minute of the day. Levity is good but sometimes you have to be serious in order to be taken seriously. Her selection is a serious blunder her acceptance an even greater blunder. How about a comment like "Your stare scares people" -- What is she talking about. Can we get the professionals back and get Kara and Ellen back to where there comfortable. I use to watch both shows and now wouldn't watch either. I don't like mixing shit with shinola.


Oh Shut The Fuck Up Kara The Ratings will Go Way Way Down Because of Paula Being Gone I want Paula To Come Back Simon Her Boyfriend Is Going to Miss Paula Very Much and Kara and Ellen should Leave idol Not Paula Come Back to Idol Please Paula Ill miss you Idol Needs You and So Does Simon and Randy and Ryan Please Come Back to Idol.


No Its Not a good choice that Ellen is on American Idol Kara Needs To Shut Her Big Mouth Bring Paula Abdul Back to Idol Kara and Ellen Should Leave Not Paula Abdul its Not Fair to Her or Simon Cowell and Speaking of Simon He Wants Her Back really Bad and i mean Really Bad he cant Live without His girlfriend Paula Abdul I want Paula Back Really Bad and if shes Not Back Then Im Not Watching American Idol so Bring Paula Abdul Back Come On Folks Get Through Your Heads that Paula Should Stay and Kara and Ellen Should Get Lost and Leave Idol For Good. and Kara Needs To get it Through her Head that Idol wont be the Same without Paula Bring Paula Abdul Back Now!!!!!!!!!! COME ON FOLKS.


I agree, I think she's awesome


Yea i think that kara shoul leave the show and so should ellen they should so bring paula back!!!!!!!!!! alot of people wont be watching the show anymore including me. AI will lose a ton of ratings because of this bad decision PAULA COME BACK PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! American idol needs u!!!!!!!!! and so does simon :)


I can agree with with Kara that Ellen is a good choice, but now lets put that a side and talk about how Kara is NOT a good choice. Seriously get DioGaurdi off that show.


So Simon was just talking out of his hat when he said he'd never do the show without Paula. Kara grates on my nerves. I'm so not interested in tuning in this year to hear whatever blah-blah-blah *yawn* she has to say.
If I were a final contestant on Idol this year, I think I'd make Ellen sign a statement promising never to use my music on her show without paying for it, since it seems she's been playing without paying for years!

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