Ellen DeGeneres to Be Nice, Confront Simon Cowell on American Idol

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As loyal American Idol viewers, we're concerned.

The more we hear from Ellen DeGeneres, the more we think she's the wrong woman for the job of American Idol judge. Speaking to Ryan Seacrest on his radio show today, the comedian said:

Lee Does His Thing

“I’m not going to be mean. I hate it when Simon’s that mean," she said, adding that she'll tell Cowell that to his face when it happens.

That's a problem, though: we love it when Simon is mean, or at least when he's honest about a singer's ability or performance. No one wants to hear false, flowing praise from any of the judges.

DeGeneres did have kind words for Paula Abdul, whose fan base she hopes not to offend by taking a seat next to Simon, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi.

“I hope Paula’s OK with it,” she said. “I don’t want anyone to think I took Paula’s job away. Paula was a huge part of the show, and that’s a role that needs to be filled by someone in a totally different way."

What will her way entail? According to Ellen, she's a "fan like everybody else."

“Ultimately, it doesn’t come down to some expert in the music industry, it comes down to the person at home that says, ‘That’s the person I relate to and whose records I’m going to buy.’ I hope to be that voice.”

But that voice is Simon's! Viewers at home don't sit around, gushing over every contestant. They bash various singers to their friends and yearn to actually utter the critiques that Cowell delivers on a weekly basis. Remember: not every performer is Adam Lambert.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you think Ellen was a good choice for this role?


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There's a big difference between playing a CD at home and broadcasting it in public. It's called a copyright law. Look it up.


just because ellen is gay,doesnt mean she cant be any good on american idol,about time simon cowell met his match.
i used to watch a programme on sky called out of the blue this was on before ellen's show,i sat there one morning watching ellen,this person has more rythym in her then any pop singer,boy can she move to music-im more shocked thats shes 50 years old-looks good for her age.
was surprised shes gay but each to their own-that kind of sexuality isnt for me?in uk we call her A BREATHE OF FRESHAIR,it means shes talented-funny-great dancer-a peoples person-the audiences love her-her show,you can she shes genuine unlike some uk presenters-with ellen what you see is what you get.
i sing along to songs at my home re cds i play am i gonna get sued for singing too?i think not .
i think when someone bitches(moans)about another person its because they are jealous of that person.
11/9/09 4.22am uk


Funny, per TMZ she's getting sued by a bunch of major record labels for not getting permission to play their licensed songs on her show (you know, when she those dumb dances every single freaking day...)


I don't think she would be better than Paula.