Jon Gosselin: I Despise Kate

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There wasn't exactly any love lost between Jon and Kate Gosselin to begin with (to put it mildly), but the estranged spouses' war of words was kicked into another gear after Jon's latest outburst on Good Morning America this morning.

He's said she treated him like a lame fish, and was beaten down and abused by his grating spouse - but he never referred to her as "someone I despise."

Until today.

It's a far cry from a few weeks ago, when he said he still loved Kate Gosselin as his children's mother. Now he can't even tolerate the thought of her.

GMA interviewer Chris Cuomo even questioned Gosselin's choice of words and said he should "be careful," but Jon reiterated that he does despise Kate.

The reason? Filling their 10 years of marriage with anger and abuse, and not even projecting a truthful representation of the couple to the media.

IR8: Jon Gosselin despises Kate ... even harder than you think.

Becoming increasingly agitated as he was shown contrasting celebrity gossip magazines featuring Kate and himself, Jon basically called Kate out for what he considers a huge act, for degrading their marriage, shoplifting his manhood and more.

Kate Gosselin didn't just steal Jon's pride and 10 years of his life – she also swiped his wedding ring, he claims, while still wearing hers "for show."

He put down the ring one day, saying "I'm done," only to have it disappear a few days later, with Kate the only person who could have taken it.

Jon says he's cried "more in the last eight months" than in his entire life, due to pent up frustration with Kate and having "no voice in the media."

At least he's remedying the second part of that.

Watch Jon go off on Kate for yourself ...


I have been watching the show from the begining and Kate has taken a turn for the better. She is not as stressed out and Jon took a turn for the worst, he has gained weight. Jon neeeds to remember that it was Kate that made him a reality star. All these little flings he is having is making him look bad. All these younger women are just trying for a competition to see who can sleep with Jon. Kate is showing a lot of respect for herself because she is not sleeping around. Jon is trying to sleep with every woman he can.


Lets face it .. Jon complains about Kate being cranky etc .. but wouldnt anyone be after spending most of the day with either 6 children of 8 when the others come home from school.. Im cranky at times with two !!! ... he get time off by going to work etc playing his sport etc etc Kate of course deserved as much support from him as was possible .. when does she get to sleep in or have time to herself ??? He has become and probably always was a self centred person.. poor him missing out on his life .. what a load of rubbish .. by the way isnt he working any more or just making headlines and rubbing shoulders with the celebrities .. and this is a man who complained about television people in his home ??.. Of course she was tough .. anyone who manages 10 people has to be orderly and forward thinking ... he should of been proud of her as a wife and a mother .. and stop thinking with his dick and ego ...


Jon is stupid for letting that stupid kate treat him like that and for being there for so long with her. I feel sorry for those kids they are both using the kids for the money n its ashamed how kate act like is perfect when she is not


I never knew who the Gosselins were till all this started and I wish they would just go's HE said, SHE said and who can believe either one of them... ENOUGH!


Of course Jon's "soul mate" would be someone who still lives with her parents and still thinks acting up in a bar is big bad edgy stuff. Of course she said, she "would never tell him what to do." If he makes her non-eight-kids pompous little self mad, she'll just tell mom! I'm so tired of this immature man and his barely-got-hair-down-there skank. Please, send him back to his native cheesy China, and send the bimbette du jour back to juvie!


I for one am glad Jon finally "set the record straight", or at least in HIS mind he did. Come on people we all saw how Kate treated him. Right or wrong they were both in that marriage together and it takes 2 to make things work or not work. They were both wrong, Kate the way she talk and Jon for not manning up sooner. The sad fact is that these kids have to live with this. Enough is enough who cares I wish the show would be cancel, let Jon go his way and Kate hers and let these people see how life really is. I don't know about the rest of you but I have enough in my own life to keep me busy, and don't need to watch any of these shows..let's get a life people, and try to make a difference, with REALITY not TV REALITY !!!!!


Everyone keeps attacking John, but if you really watched the show closely, Kate was very rude to him she let fortune got knows she has no fame!!! destroy their lives. When you disrespect your partner for so long eventualy they will go away.I think she is very greedy,and she will destroy anyone who gets between her and her money.I pity the people that deal with her on a daily basis. She's a biiiitch!!!!!


I agree with Vanessa 100%. He is an insipid vacant-faced moron. He should be banned from ever going to the house and he should be kicked off TLC. He is totally disgusting, not to mention incredibly, incredibly just plain stupid.


Kate did not have eight children, she had nine. I don't blame her for seeming tough on Jon as she could never rely on him to be her true partner. She realized early that it was all up to her and had no choice but to run the household like a drill sergent.


John is such a loser...we have seen his side of the story...the old saying actions speak louder than words is true and his actions speak volumes...i have two children and i get frustrated with them, I can't imagine having 8 at one time. She may not be perfect but at least her heart is in the right place, at least her kids come first not some misplaced jealousy. Kate is better off without him

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