Jon Gosselin: Beaten Down, Abused By Grating Wife

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Jon Gosselin is slamming ex-wife Kate yet again.

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    I know how it feels to be in an abusive relationship and when you have kids with that person its not as easy as it sounds to just pack up and leave.

    After watching their show i feel that Jon would of been worn down so much emotionally that cheating on his wife would of seemed like an easier way to get out of the relationship.


    john needs to stop the bitching and complaining and grow up. grow some balls, stop galavanting around with your attention-seeking "soulmate" and go take care of your kids. and stop blaming your ex for your inability to stand up for yourself!! yah she's a bitch but you knew that going into the marriage so stop whining about it u look pathetic.


    Jon, if you're reading this, please STOP saying horrible things about the mother of your children. You don't need to, she's made herself look bad enough. You stating you despise her makes you look worse than her. Your children love you both, and you're cutting them in two and forcing them to choose. If this doesn't STOP NOW, your daughters will all be pregnant by the time their 16 and your sons will be in jail. You claim you love Hailey, but she's too young and immature to properly be a step mother to those children. You need to stop dating, stop talking about Kate and be a father. That's how you'll get your balls back.


    I have been married to one man for 39yrs, since I was 17 and we both had to grow up. We had a child at 17 and he was gone in the Navy for her first year. He came back a diferent man. He drank went to bars and stayed out all night. We had two more children by the time I was 25. We both went wild and then found the Lord. Jon your not perfect and niether is Kate but you brought eight wonderful children in the world and thier was love there once. So you need to set back and think about your choices because it will be permenent. I did just that and I have a blessed marrage. I could have made the same choice but Im glad I didnt. Please just pray about it. Anything is possible. God be with you.


    Kate did seam impossible to live with, and that was just on tv.


    I would like to tell JON ONE ON ONE my comment. I fully understand
    from what I see From the Show.Keep you private life private Take care, love your children as only you can


    This man is pathetic. What a whiney insipid idiot. Be a man, jon! Take responsibility for your actions. You cheated on your wife, she found out. The end. Doesn't he realize what his children will think of him when they are old enough to sort this out? He doesn't care. Just keep those kids working so the money to support this new life style keeps pouring into his bank account. TLC would do well to fire him and just have Kate and her 8!! We are tired of hearing him whine and tired of looking at his fat body and man boobs.


    This guy is a perfect example of a P.O.S., (Piece of Shit). He can't keep his mouth shut. Whoring with a 22 year old and is a sult himself.


    Is it just me or is this not the ugliest guy alive!


    Is this guy for real?? What a cry baby. He's acting like he was held prisoner for the last 10 years!! Did someone force him to marry her? Did someone force him to have 8 children? NOOO. He chose that life. Now he's putting the blame on everyone else but himself. He's admitting to us that he let his wife lead him around on a chain, and that's HER fault??? Why didn't he ever tell her no or why couldn't they ever have communication in their marriage and work things out? What a sad example of marriage, parents, etc. Pathetic is all I can say about all of this. And like so many times in so many situations, the children are always the ones to suffer.

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