Jon Gosselin: I Am a Lame Fish

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Making the media rounds in the past month, Kate Gosselin has been quoted many times regarding the demise of her marriage and her ex's "decision making."

Now it's Jon's turn to go off on Good Morning America about the grating banshee who emascualted him weekly for the world to see on Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"I took a lot of abuse from her. I was put down," Jon tells ABC's Chris Cuomo, defending himself rather passionately in an interview that will air next week.

"She'll call me, almost like a lame fish. Like I wasn't going anywhere."

We don't really know what that means, but we know it's not good.

In addition to being treated like $h!t, he says Kate's the one who's exploiting their kids by touring the world for business, neglecting everyone at home.

The father of eight bristles at Kate's implication that she is the more responsible parent and that his decision making since their split has been suspect.

"Well, excuse me, I'm taking care of the kids. She's on book tours, doing all these things. She's gone a week, comes back. Packs up and leaves again."

After 10 years of marriage, Gosselin laments that Kate so often abandoned the family, "I'm standing there like, "Oh, okay. Your mom's gone again."

Jon also talked about how fed up he was that Kate questioned his hiring of babysitter Stephanie Santoro, a waitress he was rumored to be nailing.

The entire interview with Gosselin will air on Good Morning America September 8 and 9 and on Primetime: Family Secrets, September 8 at 10 p.m.

Jon supposedly talks about girlfriend Hailey Glassman in a fashion that "surprised" the ABC News staff. Here's a preview of Jon's first big tell-all ...


you can only put a man down for so long befor he gives up, i know my husbands ex did it to him treated him like he was a child and put his every move down and he left her after 10 yrs of it,i think they should have thought about having 8 kids...........


By the way, I forgot to say that I think Jon's waterloo, so to speak, was his decision to quit his job and abdicate the leadership of his family to his wife, Kate. He should have stood up to her in the beginning and he should have kept his job and so he would not have to now whine about being an unsuccessful career man and stay at home Dad.


I think, after seeing Jon's interview, that he does need to man up and take responsibility. I have until this season, been an avid watcher of the show, but now I am not since I can't stand to see this happening to those children. I do think that Kate had to be the voice of reason and organization in the family those years they were together - after all, she was raising NINE children!


Waa, Waa, Waa..."I was put down". U must've never played ANY sports, MAN! Was she put N U down because U were taking an active role N your family & household? NOT when I was watching, & I've watched[U R welcome Jon, however, I'd like 2 think my contribution, 2 the ratings, R 4 Kate & the kids]. I dont completely blame Jon, however, because I havent seen many MEN who CAN, successfully, take care of a household, kids, &/or marriage. I remain optimistic, however...


Why is it that so many men have problems with professionally successful women? What, you couldn't handle the role reversal, Jon? That Kate was more successful than you and you "had" to stay home with the kids? Grow up and do something with your life, instead of whining about how hard your life as a stay-at-home-dad was.


They're both bad parents. Enough said.


The more that Jon and Kate speak the more they make themselves look like immature children. Enough already!! Isn't anything sacred with these two? Decent people would demand privacy right now, not go around blasting and blaming the other one for the demise of their relationship. It takes both parties in the marriage to make it work, they were both equally responsible and pointing fingers is just a childish way to handle this mess. He is supposedly a man yet he's crying like a child saying she was always picking on him. Well why didn't he tell her to stop it back then? He just sat there like a moron and took the abuse on national t.v. He deserves what he got. This guy needs to get off his high horse and be a man, a respectable adult and father. He's not 18 years old. Go do something productive and stop whining already.


Jon is trying to blame Kate for this break-up, he's the one boinking everything he sees!!! Did you ever look at him on the sofa conversation, "Hi I'm Jon and I not only look stupid I am stupid". Kate its gonna be hard, but at least sweetie you got what it takes to survive...Jon's "Lame Fish" comment only clarifies the fact that he's are better off without him!!!


Lame Fish !?! I'd say he is seriously deranged. Go live with your mommy, maybe she can make sense of your baby-talk. I've heard that scrambling words is a sure-tell sign of drug abuse.
Kind of makes one think!!


He's a dumbass and that's why Kate hates his guts. I hope the kids take after someone else in the family...maybe the uncle.


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