Jon Gosselin Denies Suicide Rumors

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Despite all the drinking, partying, making out with Hailey Glassman and bashing of Kate Gosselin on national TV, Jon Gosselin wants to end it all.

Or so claims Radar Online, quoting the mother of Stephanie Santoro, his former babysitter / play thing, who claims Jon threatened to kill himself.

Jon's rep shot this down in approximately a nanosecond, telling E! News:

"It's sad that a grown woman and mother has time to go give an interview about a conversation she overheard. Jon is happy and enjoying his life."

"He's strong and getting by day by day, and he would never leave his kids."

"Jon's very happy and has a lot of great projects in the works. He has never tried to kill himself, and he definitely doesn't want to kill himself."

The Biggest Loser

Why would Jon Gosselin kill himself? His life just began this summer!

Team Jon's theory about how the third-hand suicide rumors were sparked rests on his firing of Stephanie Santoro, who was linked romantically to the nation's most eligible bachelor and who caused a huge fight between Jon and Kate.

"He did have to get rid of the babysitter because Kate was upset about it. Jon denies sleeping with her," says a source. "It was causing too many problems at home, so he replaced her. So maybe that's why the mother is bitter."

We're glad he's alive, well and focused on the Jon Gosselin clothing line. The apparel will be marketed specifically to America's growing douchebag demographic.

In other Gosselin news, what does everyone think of Kate's new hair?

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After all these lovers find out the real John he will want to commit suicide because noone will want anything to do with him. He is such a piece of work how can he stand himself. No way he could be a good influence on those children.


Boy do I agree with Gram. I'm glad someone else said that. He even said he didn't care if they wanted to go fishing or not he was taking them. They could learn. What a Dad. Did I also hear one of the boys tell his Mom that the only time they did anything fun was when she was there? I didn't care for the way Kate used to talk to him but boy the things that are coming out about him. Good grief. Maybe we would all talk that way if we had to live with something like that. Those darling kids sure do not take after him.


I also wondered if that was Haily on Fishing episode. But what shocked me was Jon's remark about the awesome activity he thought about of tying a rope to barbed wire and letting kids swing it around and hope they did'nt hit each other. Also his dragging the kids across a cow pasture full of cow leavings after 20 days of rain according to his words. He also called one of the boys a whimp because he started to cry when being dragged across pasture. This is not a father I would want for my kids.


Is that Hailey in the background on last nights "Movies and Fishing" episode?


He should do it. Put himself out of his misery. Nasty geek.


The world and his kids would be far better off, he should do it! Jump Jon Jump!!!!


Didn't Jon take the time to do an interview where he speculated that Kate had an interview with her body guard. Whats your point? Jon is a loser and a liar. He should pull his head out of his a??.


Had to fire her he slept with her and couldn't let lil ol hailey find out. She's so stupid open your eyes this guy is a loser.