Jon Gosselin to Launch Gosselin Gear Clothing Line

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Christian Audiger who?

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    I was seeking this certain info for a very long time. Thank you and good luck. Jones sabo in the event you might be putting on pa


    Jon is beyond a low life. Watch old episods and see how little he actually did. That was his choice. Kate had to step up with 8 kids no one else was doing this. If it was up to Jon those kids would be on their own to do as they want. He is a child himself and regressed to his childhood. I cant wait to see this new woman dump him. With his bald head and earings the fat belly is growing. I am not a fan of Kate but I do not need to be. I give her credit for thinking of the kids and not roaming in NYC like a child who was let free from their parents. He should have thought about the future when he got married. He is a joke and in time that will comne out.


    Im glad he is doing something. Good for him At least he will be making money for the kids.. People will bit ch no matter what this guy does.


    Jon just keeps showing how stupid he is. First he was doing line of clothing with Ed Hardy people who flew him to St. Tropez with Hailey who he claimed was his 'stylist'. Christian A. has denied that there was ever a clothing line in the works. And where does he get off making the comment that 'they' were trying to cash in on HIS (jon's) fame? NOW who has Jon chatted with and NOW they are going into business together. Anyone he talks to "is his NEW partner". What a social climber!


    Unfortunately, divorce is sometimes necessary. Two parties just grow in seperate directions. But there is a right way and a wrong way to do it. Jon has given us the perfect example of the WRONG way. Kate, with all her faults, and she definately has them, is truely trying to "do" divorce with dignity. Please Jon, as the mother of grown kids who come from divorce. Get it together, your kids do know, they will pretend not to understand, but at their young ages, they already "get it". When they are adults and in counceling, its to late to change.


    Isn't their 15 mins. of fame over yet????? Wish he and her and all their stuff would just go away. As for those kids......heaven help them...with parents like that. I hope the courts say No to both of them as for being their guardians.
    Sick of all this B.S..... same goes for Michael Jackson........god lord he is dead.......let it be!


    Christian "USED" him for publicity....?? Excuse me, Jon Gosselin is the only User here!


    How was he treated like crap??? He wasnt helping kate with anything.. I seen him just f*ucking around with a dumb look on his face. Oh wait thats just the way he looks all the time.. lmao. Now he goes away I dont think I have seen a picture of him yet with his kids. Only with the nasty cum guzzling slut. BARFFF I seen kate cook and doing art projects with the kids. I dont remember jon doing that much of anything. Oh and sandra maybe your relationships dont work... but mine has!!! Can you say the same thing? Probably not. So put that in your mouth and suck it!!!!


    Guess what MSexy, here is a newsflash for you! I know you will find this hard to believe....but everyday marriages break up, wives and husbands both are unfaithful, (yes that means that married people actually sleep with people other than their spouses)and yes, unfortunately children are usually involved. I don't think it's right, but that doesn't stop it. BUT only a loser like Kate would expect to abuse her husband, treat him like garbage day after day, year after year and expect him to take it and stay, just for the privilege of being abused by her. YOU wouln't do it, I wouldn't do it, and neither would everyone else putting Jon down. I wouldn't want to see a dog treated like Jon was. Hurray for Jon for finally leaving that nasty, horrible loser. I hope he finds someone who really cares about him and treats him with kindness.


    Gosselin gear: i'm sure it has a special place for the kids to carry dad's cigarettes

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