Kate Gosselin Shows Off New Hairstyle!

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Farewell, reverse-mullet weave. Hello, new Kate Gosselin hair!

New hair that doesn't actually look completely awful... maybe!

On her second day as guest co-host on The View, Kate debuted a new wavy look: “You have a new hairstyle. It’s a first!” said Barbara Walters.

Added co-host Joy Behar, “It looks cute!” Gosselin gave credit to the show’s makeup artists: “Your girls back there, whoo baby! Isn’t it cute?”

Is it, though? Check out Kate Gosselin's new hairstyle here ...

Kate Gosselin on Today Show Pic

Kate Gosselin shows off her new 'do on The View.

Later, Kate talked about why she’s still wearing her wedding ring: “I said very early on that I would continue to wear it for the kids,” she said. “We are not officially divorced yet, and I’ve had it on for 10 years. It’s upsetting to the kids.”

As for estranged ex Jon’s tirade about how he despises Kate: “Of course it bothers me. Will I return the favor? Absolutely not. I'm a high-road taker.”

Sure you are, KG. She was not asked about Jon's proposed new clothing line, Gosselin Gear. Probably for the best. Anyway, more importantly ...

Do you like Kate Gosselin's new hair?




I like it better this way than the way she fixes it.


this look is sooo cute on her and for the ppl who keep talking about her they really need to stop kate is a great women and mother to her kid and as u can see she really loves them and to talk about what kind of person she is u dont kno her so why talk about her, she is very smart and is just trying to go on with her life alot has happen to her over the past few months and talking about her is just making it worst and also just think if it was u in her shoes i bet none of u could take like she is.kate just keep doing a great job!


Any women who has multiples has to be a very calm and together person. Shame as i did like Jon and Kate plus 8 together as a family unit, but when you are a mum and things are not so great.....you get your stuff together and the kids come first. I dont know the story about what went wrong but as far as Kate cashing in on the celebrity status - why Not???? use it while its there - it beats going back to nursing....great couple shame it didnt work (was it really going to work with all that pressure on them with so many children, and they were young) SHAME.....


they should comb it over her face, someone find a way to shut this phony woman up. everything out of her mouth is contrived !


kate looks great!!! too bad Jon can't say the same thing with the the 5 hairs on his bald ass head. Maybe that's why he hates her..she wore the pants in the family as well as having more hair!! Fat pig vomit!!


She should've did that a long time ago and maybe Jon would've put up with her nagging longer! In all seriousness, she looks pretty damn good. It's very refreshing to see her like this. I knew she'd land on top eventually. Go Team K8! Screw you Jon!

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