Jon & Kate Fight Blamed on Stephanie Santoro!

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Sources close to Jon and Kate Gosselin say their noisy argument last night, which ended with the cops showing up at their house, started after Kate learned that her ex wanted to leave the kids with Stephanie Santoro - a babysitter favored by Jon.

Kate apparently has serious trust issues with Santoro, and doesn't want her playing nanny to the kids. Perhaps because Jon is rumored to be nailing her.

She therefore went to the house to watch the kids instead of Stephanie, and Jon was unhappy to see her, sparking a fight that ended with Kate calling 911.

Jon pretty much confirmed the details this morning at the house.

No comment on whether he's been spending late nights at the bar in Reading, Pa., where Stephanie Santoro works when she's not doing him babysitting.

Reverse Mullet Action
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Kate Gosselin is reportedly not a huge fan of Stephanie Santoro, Jon's personal favorite babysitter and possible new bedpost notch. Hard to imagine why.

Sources close to Kate Gosselin also confirm that she was the one who dialed up the police last night after she and Jon got into a major blowout over this.

Police arrived at the Gosselins' expansive Pennsylvania home shortly after the call was made, but were only at the residence for around 10 minutes' time.

Basically, just long enough to make everyone simmer down. Kate eventually left the house and stayed at a nearby Days Inn, as it was Jon's turn with the kids.

Who sucks more?


They both need to grow up and put the kids first!


Whats the point in putting people down on here?? I dont get it.


She was also sleeping with the father of 2 of the little girls there.


Stephanie was fired from a local daycare for causing a major arguement and swearing and slamming a child's fingers in the door. Kate is sooooo right not to want her around her children!!!!!


Jon is a jerk the girls he dates are all much uglier than Kate she deserves better.Get rid of him Kate he shoud'nt even see those kids look who he leaves them with ,I thought he was there to see the kids he has to bring his dirty girls to his childen's time with him.Good grammer STEPHANIE.


to stephanie: if you had a sleepover with my ex, and then wanted the job of being a baby sitter, I myself, wouldn't go look up my ex. i don't hate you, i am not a loser, i am good looking, but i agree with kate, stay away from the kids. go bang the guy somewhere else. he's a loser. the question is: are you also one?


y'all are just haters and jealous of my beauty. u wish u could look half as good as me. i bet ur all just sittin at home on your computers gossipping and stuffing ur faces. get a life losers. at least i'm makin some cash money HONEY!! dumbasses


After watching Jon make the inane decision of wanting to put the playhouses a mile away, I can see why Kate was so tense. He seems a little obtuse. And when a woman is forced to assume both roles, it's very frustrating. By his actions, he's proving he hasn't matured. I wouldn't want a young hoochie watching my 8 kids, sorry. He should know better but first guest and georgi are correct. He's passive aggressive- typical weak, wimpy behavior. Also his culture absolutely values males. Only Kate has the smarts.
What a mess they've made.


Off camera Jon was probably less than helpful. His Korean culture values the male over the female and he was brought up that way by his mother, no doubt. Why does he have a babysitter when it is his time to be with the kids? Where is he going? It's one thing to have a housekeeper to help out with the chores, but a babysitter?? He is supposed to be with them 24/7 or can't he spare the time from his cating around? And a barmaid at that (albeit not too attractive)! He's a jerk. As for the show continuing - how else is Kate going to support these kids? They will survive and with a good structure and consistency, will do well. Certainly as well as any other kid from divorced parents. I predict she will eventually remarry and hopefully to someone who can add stability to their lives as the show will soon end as interest is waning.


Are you guys serious? I completely see throgh Kate's croc tears. She is the one who wanted the divorce and sprang it on him in October, "confirmed by her brother and sister-in-law." She wants a divorce so that future speaking engagements will be all her money! They both got greedy. If Kate went to him and said "I'm done, you live your life I'll live mine, just sign the contract so we can keep doing the show and bringing in major money."
I don't really approve of Jon's behavior, but if he tried to work things out with Kate and she refused, well honestly I think he's lost! I do pray for both and mostly the kids. But if someone treated me like she treated him, and remember we only saw what was on TV. I'm sure it was much worse off camera. She completly emascalated him. TEAM JON!

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