Fictional Wedding Bells on the Way for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart!

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Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart engaged? No, not even a little bit.

But the characters these stars portray in the Twilight Saga - Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, respectively - will get married in the big screen version of Eclipse.

This fictional fact is enough for at least one supermarket tabloid to pathetically milk the movie's storyline for its own marketing and sales purposes.

Earlier this month, OK! Weekly fooled readers into thinking that Robsten was engaged by running a misleading headline on its cover. All respectable publications, including The Hollywood Gossip, quickly shot down this story.

But the magazine hasn't learned from its desperate mistake. Check out its latest issue:

Fake Wedding News

Anyone reading closely will notice there's nothing technically incorrect about this cover story. There will, indeed, be a wedding... as part of the Twilight Saga!

Robert and Kristen will simply play their roles on screen for the ceremony, something that countless actors do in countless movies every year. Not exactly anything noteworthy to report here.

In fact, the couple has actually remained very much out of the news recently. Last week, in order to avoid the spotlight, they jetted away for a secluded vacation in Canada together.

We're happy to leave them alone and let them celebrate their love in private. Other celebrity gossip outlets, however, are actually trying to pass off movie storylines as factual accounts of the Robsten relationship. Don't let them fool you.


Haha Megan, funny and true!


screenwriters and director(s)....Bella and Edward DO NOT get married in Eclipse!! I hope they don't screw this movie up that would be ridiculous. Seriously though. Their wedding is in Breaking Dawn. If they put it in Eclipse the will have to face.......*tension rising music*.......oh no! The TwiHards, Twilighters, and the obsessed fans! Now they don't want to face the fans now do they?


i fond out that they got marry


this is sooo stupid. they dont get married till breaking dawn. are they just joking!? they oh so better be! if they get married in Eclipes then it will be so the end of the world(no sarcasim there)


i saw that issue. its total crap


uhm....really? If the directors make Bella and Edward get married in eclipse....there will be a LOT of royally peeved Stephanie Meyer Fans.


"i think these people should maybe read the books before jumping the gun and if its true good luck to them"


Well I think that as long as they make the mega bucks from the Twilight saga they will continue to make the movies.


The scripts for the Twilight Saga are running into each other of the actually books and not ending exactly as the books may end. making it seem that though summit has the rights to all 4 books only 3 scripts have been physically written and there is no forth script in the works. Also the actors have only signed on for 3 movies. I believe the "trilogy" we be left off with a wedding scene in the third movie. Which will allow these actors to move on with there lives, its like a never ending project. so I'm excited to see the way the movies play out on screen but also excited for them to be done. Plus how long can you look 17? I would be utterly shocked if a forth complete movie was done and done in just one movie.


I am SO RELIEVED that Rob isn't going to marry that her! He could do SO much better, lol :) Ick!

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