Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: The Secluded Getaway!

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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are totally inn love!

While paparazzi clamor for a shot of this couple on the set of Eclipse, and fans cross out the days on their calendar until New Moon opens on November 20, the hottest couple in Hollywood took a break from it all last month.

Sexy Vampire

“Rob has wanted to get away with Kristen for a while now, somewhere really quiet that’s not full of tourists,” an insider said to Star. “He asked around and settled on Mayne Island.”

Vacationing on this small island off the southwest coast of British Columbia, Robsten stayed in an intimate, two-bedroom bed and breakfast. They kept to themselves, wearing baseball caps and sunglasses the entire weekend.

Said a source: “The weather was really nice and there are a lot of outdoorsy things to do, but they just stayed in their room most of the time."

Gee, we wonder why? ;)

Meanwhile, Kristen, Rob and many in the New Moon cast will appear Sunday night at the MTV Video Music Awards. Remember what happened the last time Robsten accepted an award on stage?

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best couple in de world luv u bella nd robert u luk vry cute nd sweet together


I luv the movies and luv the books even more!!ne and my bkids supa twight fans in the dat dirty soutj south twilight 4eva


the best couple in the world they look so nice !


rob i wanna know,are you serious with kristen and would you never want to leave her? i m asking this because i love both you together!


best couple in the you guyz.


Wow rob you very cool and handsome man uhuhu...i like it but I don't like your girlfriend cause I'am jelous you know huh... =




best couple ......... :) ;)


love u all the twilight movies r AWSOME rob kris u to belong together these moveis made u a real life couple


ummmmmmmmmmmmm hi kristen im ur biggest fan HALLA please be my buddy :) love u twilight saga

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