Britney Spears, You Oughta Know Better

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We often critique stars who won't sing in concert ... or at all. But perhaps at a certain point, lip synching isn't the most terrible concept ever created.

Britney Spears attempted to pull off a cover of Alanis Morissette's classic "You Oughta Know" during her concert Saturdya night in Greensboro, N.C.

The jury's still out on whether it was actually pulled off. Or if any fans were ejected for risque dancing. Man, this song makes you wanna lose yourself.

While it was by no means good, we admire her chutzpah, and the superstar's choice of song. Better than covering a Lady Gaga track or something.

Did Britney nail it? Or should she oughta know better than to try to sing? Check it out and see ... and pray Heidi Montag doesn't copy her hero next:


britney ñ te acho d + PORQUE É Tudo Que d + sobra, e Tudo Que sobra É resto ... Por isso te acho d-Tudo por quê É Que Falta d-e Tudo Que Falta É raro.assim Como voce ti amo d bjos super-pricesinha do Mundo ...


Todas as music que a britney canta ou faz sempre ficam bonitas ñ foi acontrario com essa linda que nem ela ,ela pode nossa diva poderosa princesinha numero um do mundo 100% best the world..


Britney spears diva poderosa como sempre só um mane pra escreve uma coisa dessa da nossa princesinha ela arrasa com playback ou sem playback porque ela pode.mais tem pessoa que ñ pode que nem ela ,que fica se aparecendo atarves de sua fama, britney princesinha para sempre e depois de madonna rainha .britney spears 100% best the world im love you .


I really like it! she was singing without playback. You criticize her when she does playback and you criticize her when she's live singing.. what's happening here? Leave her alone because she's doing a great job! It seems like you don't want to see her well


Um she did a great job!! Don't know what you are talking about. You might just be too used to pulling people down.


hi well done 4 getten ur life bck on track i no i am only 12 but still well done


She was awesome! She should sing live more! =D


i thought she did unbelievable. it shows shes rebuilding her confidence and shuts up the critics about her "bad voice. i'd say kev felt embarrassed;)


I was there she did Great!!!!! i loved it leave her alone just be happy that she is back on track.And is doing well


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