Shania Twain: Engaged to Frederic Thiebaud?

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By dating Frederic Thiebaud, Shania Twain has raised eyebrows.

He's the ex-husband, after all, of her friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud - who had been having an affair with Shania’s husband, Robert 'Mutt' Lange. That's drama.

Well, eight months after she began dating the husband of the other woman, it is being reported that Shania Twain and Frederic Thiebaud are getting married!

The couple showed off matching "promise rings" - hers silver with diamonds, his just silver - at Shania’s secluded cottage on the Lake of Bays in Ontario.

They "can’t wait" to make it official.

Shania Twain's husband, Mutt Lange, cheated on her with this dude's wife. Now she's getting the best revenge by getting engaged to Frederic Thiebaud! Supposedly.

A Star Magazine insider (there's a contradiction in terms) says Shania and Frederic have been discussing wedding plans and hope to tie the knot next year.

“[Frederic Thiebaud] is the only person that Shania trusts outside of her family,” says another insider. “She feels so lucky to have found him.”

This story is probably complete crap, but Mutt Lange is still an idiot.

On an unrelated note, Shania turns 44 today. Happy birthday, girl!


I'm in the same situation and everything came out a month ago.To my surprise my husband and my friends wife were both there for eachother during this moment and now they have have fallen in love.It sounds to me that maybey they could end up together! I guess we do pay back for every choice we make in life!


My what a sad thing to hear to have your family want to hurt you if its true families stand behind, beside, and in front to protect each other no wonder we live in such a sad world today.. Have a wonderful blessed holiday.......


Congratulation, Shania and Frederic. As for her family writing a book, who cares. I'm interested in her happiness. Not her youthful sorrows. Madonna clawed her way to the top as well and she could care less who writes a book about her.


Hrrrmmpppffff, This little song bird is gonna get whats coming to her. Word on the street is her brothers and other undislosed family members are collaberating on a tell all Book. The working title is aptly named "Come on In" A Highly unauthorized and albeit unflattering truthful account of this canadian songstress brutal claw her way to the top at any cost style, and will reveal the side of shania that she so cleverly hides, and will expose the singers real motivations and personality in a light that will surely create much controversy.
stay tuned loyal fans.


At last, they found comfort in each other. Best wishes to both of them.


..he is an aliby.she shagged billy currington in 2003,and still does,so I have been told.


what a prat mutt is leaving shania.


Looking forward to getting married?!? They had a commitment ceremony in April, invited family to Switzerland to attend...I am thinking they started "dating" sooner than the media is aware and the secretary is just the scapegoat...
If her being engaged is news...someone needs to do some digging; there is more to this story!


A SERIOUSLY good-looking guy!!! People mag has more info. Both "Fred" and Shania look gloriously happy. Good for them!


That's one great-looking guy. Interesting if true.....maybe the commonality of being treated like crap by their respective spouses and knowing each other for years was enough to kick off a romance.


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