Report: Mutt Lange Cheated with Marie Ann Thiébaud

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There's no denying the fact that the 14-year marriage between Robert "Mutt" Lange and Shania Twain is over.

But there is controversy over the reasons behind the split.

Self-absorbed gossip blogger Perez Hilton reports that Lange had an affair with Marie Ann Thiébaud, a longtime secretary and manager of the couple's chateau in Switzerland.

This dude cheated on Shania Twain. Really?!? We hope Marie Ann Thiébaud was worth it, Mutt.

"Mutt and Marie Ann left their spouses for each other and are still in a relationship," a source said, though Lange denied this allegation.

"It's absolutely not the reason [for the split]," he said.

Notice that Mutt - if that is his real name! - didn't deny sleeping with Marie Ann Thiébaud, though.

This story causes us to question the sincerity of Twain's classic song, "You're Still the One."

Looks like these two haven't made it, after all. They may have taken the long way, but is this really where they hoped to get to someday?


no he needs me because i feel his pain


has joe elliott ever cheated on kristine his wife


From my angle it looks like Shania is the really stupid one. Of all the guys she married, she apparently marries her ex-friend's husband?? Now, IF Mutt is wrong for sleeping with her best friend (which we aren't sure he did), then Shania is just as wrong for marrying her ex-friend's husband!! (I don't see a winner here.)
The advantage Mutt does have is 20 years as a producer. (Shania's voice isn't even that great.)

@ xyz

what does joe elliott need to satify him


Looks like the ugly ones hooked up and the gorgeous ones got married! Good on you Shania-it was meant to be!


Shania you are a great singer-song writer.
Just look at it this way,Mutt is a dog for deceiving Shania and someday he might regret it and it will be to late.Im happy to hear Shania is happy again.As for Mary-anne her day will come,what goes around comes around.Who know Mutt might just leave her for another woman,he did it once whats to say he w'ont do it again.Mary-Anne your a bitch for what you did to Shania.


Shania,what did you ever see in that man mutt he is gross looking and now you have a nice looking man.please if you are ever in ohio come and visit.we would be honor. and i have been keeping up with you on own network. you are beautiful and you can and will sing again. ilove your song today is your day.please be happy and god bless you all sister husband and everyone else. thanks Debbie


this is for tiara champagne,,where in the h--l do you get off putting the blame on Shania..she was loyal and heart broken when the mutt cheated on her..she just got the better deal in the end and it was clearly not from cheating..wake up


Shania. Is 100 percent woman,He goes by his name. MUTT,Helooks. Like a mutt too, disgusting man.


i think now that we all can see how fast shania was engaged and married it was HER that was cheating and lange just took the fall for her so her career wouldnt get ruined. there's not enough hype around this, for it to be believable.


WEll it looks like Shania got the best of the deal. What an attractive couple they make. Leaves the other pair looking like a couple of homely MUTTS!

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