Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Totally Back On!

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While they may have remained in the news for the last two months, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have actually been thousands of miles apart.

In between the production of New Moon and Eclipse, Stewart shot the Joan Jett biopic The Runaways; while Pattinson caused a stir in NYC while filming Remember Me.

But the rumored couple will finally be back on the same set next week, when the Eclipse cast reunites in Vancouver... not that Rob and Kristen could wait that long to see each other.

Sources told Life & Style that the pair got together on August 5 and spent a quintet of blissful days in Los Angeles. Said a witness:

"From the way they act, it's clear that Rob and Kristen are together - and in love. It seems that they can't stay away from each other."

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are "taking their relationship to the next level," this magazine states. Might that mean marriage?

Robsten, as the couple has been nicknamed, have actually been less secret than usual about their romance. An onlooker even spotted the co-stars shacking up together for the night last week.

Tabloids haven't been the only ones to notice; supposedly, Nikki Reed approached Pattinson on their flight to Vancouver on August 10 and said:

"I saw the pictures, getting in cabs together, going for lunch. I thought you were going to keep it undercover?"

Robert reportedly confirmed his relationship with Kristen, but told Reed to keep her voice down. Fortunaely, miraculously, Life & Style moles were on hand to hear the entire conversation. Amazing.


I toats agree with face, what's everyone gonna do when the saga is over???


I dont get it they either are together or they are not i dont see the big deal tbh people should either leave them alone or stop making up conflicting stories! some people are so obsessd


i soooooooooooooooooooo hope that rob n kris get married n have some cute babies cause they r such a good cuple


Hi any news about robsten's relationship?I'm so happy to see lovely couple like them,,, its so romantic... i really love robsten! i hope to see them here in Philippines...^_^ they really made for each other.. and i wish i have someone like rob.. hay.... i love rob!super.... n kristen! hehe,,,

Heng wang vanz henz

I like if Kristen Stewart married with Robert Pattinson !
And.... they will get baby/es
Robert will be the father and Kristen will be the mother
I like if it is really not lie !


I'm happy if Kristen Stewart married with Robert Pattinson and get the babies and Robert be the father and Kristen be the Mother
I'm happy in this news !


I love them 2gether..... they are a beautiful couple.... but if it isz true ppl need 2 bak up cusz they won't tell anyone if they are 2gether....... ppl keep puttin their 2 sencesz in and messin thingsz up.... leave them alone....


i am so fucking happy that they are back together! they are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perfect for eachother! i almost cried when i read a magizine at safeway that said they broke up! i almost fuckn cried!!! i am so happy that they are back together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yay finally they should be (im jelous of kristen cuz she gets to date someone so nice/hot!


I love them getting back together even if its TRUE or not true i will belive it because they make such a good couple. And i agree with cato people REALLY need to BACK OFF but some peole are just go insane when they see celebrites i would probaly scream if i saw the TWILIGHT cast but i wouldn't go all insane... and she is not pregant she is to young and if they did get married and have kids they would have very cute kids if you ask me and they would have a lot of cameras everywhere almost anything that they did it would suck but i just don't see Kriten and Robert having children but they would make very good parents.When ever there is something about TWILIGHT or kristen and robert i jsut freak out.and who needs a picture so if you where watching tv and you where the only one home and it said something that your parents would want to hear and you tell them they need a picture to belive you... think about what you saying people..

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