Robsten Sighting: Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Sneak Out of Show, Shack Up for Night

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Twilight was the major winner at Sunday night's Teen Choice Awards - and all of its cast members were on hand to celebrate, at least for a little while.

At the event, witnesses told E! News that Robert Pattinson was the undeniable star of the ceremony, saying:

"Girls kept running up to [Rob] asking to get pictures with him, and he was so nice about it. Rob would smile and meet all of the giggling girls, while [Kristen Stewart] would look on and just laugh about all the attention he got. Some even asked if the two were an actual couple, and they would just shoot each other a look, blush and start giggling."

Classic R Patt
Short-Haired Kristen

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are pretty much a confirmed couple at this point. When will they admit it?

Such attention made it difficult for for Pattinson and Stewart to slip out early... but the couple has learned how to be secretive!

Reportedly, as their co-stars did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Rob and Kristen darted out the back of the building and left together in a black Navigator. Their destination?

The Chateau Marmont, where Pattinson had a room. Said a hotel source:

"Kristen was in and out all weekend."

So was R Patt, it's safe to assume. Think about it.


i think their so good together i hope they get marrieid they look so cute
he likes her and she likes him so let them be


I think the whole hotel thing isnt true because i didnt see any pictures of them going into the hotel, so i still dont believe it. and maybe rob and kristen are together but they dont want even more interviews/ fans asking more questions and they dont want to hide more then they are now.


Hey, Hilton Hater. Loved your last comment. Woo Hoo!! They are so great together. Have thought they were together from the very beginning because of how they acted at the Vanity Fair photo shoot. Love them.


um finally, he's only been after her TWO WHOLE YEARS. I hope he treats her right, be a good man rpattz be a good man.


where can i watch this interview please can anyone give the link please


HAHA :) good one!


FINALLY! Now can we leave them in peace & let them be! And STOP saying Rob is hooking up w/ every woman he says hello too! Ugh! Go Robsten!


please can u give the link from that video???


can u give me the link from that video ??????!!!!!!!!!!!


'Bout time!!! Kim...couldn't have said it better!!! Love her to death!!!!

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