Obama Health Care Logo Sparks Controversy

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Debate over the health care plan championed by U.S. President Barack Obama is turning rancorous, with figures on both sides of the discussion lobbing harsh criticism at the other and even the Obama health care logo coming under attack.

As we saw with this week's Obama Joker poster, which brandished the word "socialism" and likened the Prez to Heath Ledger's character in The Dark Knight, there has been vehement opposition to some of the President's policy initiatives.

Addressing some of the opposition she has encountered, the U.S. Speaker of the House and universal health care advocate, Nancy Pelosi, recently accused protesters at Democratic health care town hall meetings of carrying swastikas.

In response, the website Sweetness and Light likened the Obama health care logo to a swastika and compared Democrats to Nazis. Makes perfect sense.

Here's the Obama health care logo ...

Fairly innocuous, right? Not according to Sweetness and Light, which proves that if you look hard enough, one can find a swastika hidden in anything ...

Obama Health Care Logo 1
Obama Health Care Logo 2
Obama Health Care Logo 3

There you have it. The President must be a Nazi.

According to Sweetness and Light, which fashioned the controversial photo comparison seen above, the Nazis and the Democrats are both:

"Against big banks and capitalism, against big stores, against pollution, for two years mandatory voluntary service to the country, for make-work projects, against cruelty and to animals, against smoking, for abortion and for universal health care."

Just another day of modern American political discourse.


in every indication is clear that obama is on the right track.what is wrong making her citizen heath care affordable?the over confident of the republicans who put her citizen and the rest of the world on the dark, makes them to fail.they are now affraid for further failure.woe to the republicans,you think what we know is you tell us?noooooooooooooooooooo,we are not ignorant.i think every thing has beggening and end.the end of your trick has just beggin


This entire story made me laugh. Obama's healthcare logo has incorporated the universal symbol of Medicine into it, and that is the origin of the wings in the logo. If you think it resembles the Nazi symbol, then please direct your complaints to the field of Medicine, not Obama. Now how about trying to find something real to bash Obama about?


Do you really want the government to have access to your bank account. This is a crazy bill and needs to be put in the trash bin. Our representatives count on us not finding out what this bill really says. Read it people and maybe you will wake up. We need reform, not an overhaul. Politicians do not need access to our bank accounts!!!


The fact that this article is on a celebrity gossip website is more proof that President Obama is nothing but a celebrity. Hilarious!


Of course it bears a strong resemblance to a Nazi symbol, but that is not the scary part--Obama's policies bear a close resemblance to Nazi policies--that is real scary. It's not just the government take over of health care it's the government sponsored apparatus to snitch out your neighbors if they disagree with the government. Now you get emails in the night when you get reported--how long before you get a visit from government or union thugs in the night? Then there is cap and trade just to make sure we cripple the economy once and for all. I'm scared.


It doesn't surprise me that people find "Nazi" symbols everywhere. For the last 8 years the same was happening. People believe conspiracy theory's and some even get Oscar's for their garbage. They hated Bush so it was okay. Now its happening to their "hero" and its wrong.


Health care is a contrived issue like Henny Penny's global warming. It's meant to scare us and make us believe that if we just contribute more to the world's biggest charity (the fed gov't) America will be a "better world." What have the feds (Both DEM and REP) ever managed properly? How about AMTRAK? The Post Office? IRS? Anybody ever spent time in the military and seen the waste and abuse there? Health care is just another shell game meant to scare us and take our eyes off of the greed, corruption and grab for dominance among a very small circle of power brokers. I'm still waiting for the bright boys in Washington to fix New Orleans. Oh, did we forget those pour souls who are still living in broken down poisonous trailers provided by the feds how many years ago? Yea, they're going to take care of us alright... If you don't mind I'd rather take my chances on my own than trust the administration.... any administration.


Of course it doesn't look like a Nazi symbol the way YOU show it--Rush Limbaugh has shown it the way it IS--go check it out for yourself on his website. YOU are ELIMINATING the rows and rows of Nazi military men in the background, which, IS similar to the mass of human beings in the background of the health care logo! The main elements of the design, the spread-winged eagle and circle underneath, and mass of humanity in the background, ARE similar except for the swastika! If you're going to make a point, make it ACCURATE so people can make a proper decision. You're obviously just trying to get everyone to agree with you, and I would too, except I've checked ALL sides out before deciding. You are misleading people.


I'm getting hosed so bad now by A Etna, I wish I could take those life ending classes now. So how could it be worse. Denied treatments, denied payments - might as well just get it done now.


Dont see know nazi symbol what i do see is a sign from god. look at his health care symbol closely. Those are angel wings and look at the snakes on the sign as well. The bible refers to Satan as that old serpent the devil in the king James bible. Because he used the snake to temp eve to eat the apple in Genesis. Satan whose original name was Lucifer was an arch angel of gods before turning against him. Look at that symbol the snake represents the snake from the garden of Eden. the angel wings represent satan himself the fallen angel No I'm not saying obama is the antichrist. but it is very strange the chosen symbols. all the symbols in the sign are symbols for the fallen angel lucifer that is a fact !


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