Obama Joker Poster Surfaces, Sparks Debate

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A mysterious poster featuring President Barack Obama portrayed as Heath Ledger's famous Joker are surfacing in L.A. The word "socialism" appears beneath him.

The Obama Joker poster is beginning to appear on off-ramps and underpasses in the Hollywood area. Who made and distributed copies of the poster is unknown.

Whoever is responsible for this viral marketing, is clearly a coordinated endeavor of some kind by a person or persons angry with the U.S. Commander-in-Chief.

The typical charge of socialism is made at the bottom of the likeness of Obama as the Joker from The Dark Knight, though no specific arguments are offered.

Maybe these pissed-off voters are not fans of universal health care?

While some find this to be harmless, even a clever play in the "Hope" poster circulating widely during his bid for the White House, others are a bit critical of Barack Obama being likened to a sadistic terrorist (albeit a fictional one).

What do you think of the Obama joker poster?


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This administration is getting this country deeper into debt as a nation with too many spending programs. Unfortunately, so far none of these programs are working we've sunk billions into. We need to reduce the national debt instead of adding to it. Time to get out the can of beans and stop the expensive spending spree. Remember the Fall of the Roman Empire because of their extravagance. It scares me and he hasn't even been in office for one year yet, I hate to think about our debt four years from now.


It is interesting how this health reform debate has shown the real color of Amricans,RACISTS and HATERS.
Give OBAMA a chanc. Respect him ,he is your president.
His major interest is freedom for all Americans;rich or poor or white or colored or old or young.Move together AMERICANS above the race barrier.


The artist/creator of the Obama Joker poster was caught on a hidden camera video which was posted by taken down. There is a thumbnail image taken from this video still up at AOL. Identify the man in the image and you've got the artist of the Obama Joker poster: http://video.aol.com/video-sea...


this obama poster is clearifed by going toALEX JONES.com and share THE OBAMA DECEPTION a MUST SEE.


i wonder why when obama goes on his visits why he will not come to texas or to the south?guess he is afraid to come here,that is toooooooooo funny.infact we do not want him here in our Great state of TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i miss spelled way i meant to say come up with a way,not asy


hey shelly i agree with you about the poster,we should come up a asy to make a dart board with his picture on it,bullzeye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Obama sucks!!!This poster should be named poster of the year, I only wish I thought of it.


I love this poster, I want one to use as a dart board. This should be named poster of the year. Time magazine should put this on the cover. Obama sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think that the poster is funny and it speaks the truth,if the truth hurts so be it..................i don't like him and what he stands for is not for us.all of the hoopla that people has made over him is sickning.what with tee shirts etc.That really makes me sick,other Presidents did not have that done for them,my question is WHY NOT?What makes him any better than other Presidents before him?I know the answer but i will let you make up your mind to that one.He raises taxes on cig.he said it is dangerous to smoke and drive,then why not raise taxes on alcohol?That kills more than cig.do,wake up world to what is going on around us US citizens.We need to stand up and take back America to put it back the way it should be ,for all people!
krinkle,from Texas