Lady Gaga, Nude, Lets it All Hang Out

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Lady Gaga may or may not be a hermaphrodite. But by letting it all hang out, we're not referring to anything physical that may or may not be hanging.

We're just saying that in her latest photo shoot (for Out magazine), she has left little to the imagination, going all out as only Lady Gaga truly can.

Case in point, here's Lady Gaga, nude, in a graveyard ...

Lady Gaga Doggy Style

The gays love some Lady Gaga. So do the straights. What a uniter!

It's no Lady Gaga nude covered only by bubbles, but ... well, it's pretty similar. Check out the Out gallery of pics from famed photog Ellen Von Unwerth to see a side of Lady G (real name) Stefani Germanotta like you have never seen before ...

Lady Gaga Out Cover
Lady Gaga Topless with Friend
Stefani Germanotta Picture
Nude Lady Gaga, Skeleton
Stefani Germanotta Pic
Stefani Germanotta Photo
Hot Gaga
A Gaga Pic

If she has both male and female genitalia, she's concealing it pretty well in some of these pictures. Then again, photo editing software does wonders.

What do you think? Is Lady Gaga a hermaphrodite?


if she hase a dick, i would let here fuck me up the ass, and i am straight


i dont think she has a dick but if so i dont care cuz she fine as hell


she's a skank, her music suck's non of the song's make any sence, she dress's so fucking ugly, she's ugly, weather not she has a dick she look's like an ex guy. "tranny" some one should put a gun to her head and pull the trigger... mabey people will start listoning to better music. like the beatle's pink floyd stuff like that. it would be a happier wourl with out her.


wish i could get her in my arms righ na,i really love her


i will be piss offfff if she or he have a dick


i think lady gaga is hot and doesn't have a penis....and if she does, oh well, she still will be hot


Yes, Lady Gaga has a penis and Madonna has breasts shaped like cones. How stupid can people be always amazes me. Lady Gaga is the latest and greatest of female female impersonators, following the spotlit carpet that brought Marlene Deitrich, Lauren Bacall, Cher and Madonna to fame. They all are amazing artists who created fantastic characters


Come on! She doesn't have a penis...thats pretty obvious...And she will NOT be less hot, if she does have one =)
AAANNDDDD - Whatev...u guys should stop caring about someone's hypotetic penis...thats not of your business! And its freakin clear she DOESN'T HAVE ONNEEE! And if she do have...then...well...I DONT CARE. Her music still will be good, and it wont change who she is...=)


she dont have no weiner. cmon. that video just shows shes got a phat poon. lol


lets have some this beat is sick i want to suck my disco stick lol XD 8=====D thats mine this is hers 8==D


Lady Gaga Biography

Lady GaGa in Concert
Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
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Joanne Stefani Germanotta