Lady Gaga: Nude in Rolling Stone

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Lady Gaga frequently channels her inner Britney Spears and walks the street in no pants. Now she’s achieved another Britney feat: the cover of Rolling Stone!

And Britney's covers, while sexy, have nothing on Lady Gaga nude.

She tells Rolling Stone she’s bisexual, but her attraction to women is purely physical. It’s an aspect of her sexuality that makes boyfriends “uncomfortable.”

Watch out, Katy Perry: there’s a new tabloid staple who kisses girls, has Marilyn Manson and Madonna for fans and is on the verge of becoming a pop icon.

Lady Gaga Nude

GAGA FOR FASHION: Clothed or completely naked, Lady Gaga always turns heads.

While some observers look at Lady Gaga fashion and wild paparazzi shots of her and conclude she must be insane, the 23-year-old singer, born Stefani Joanna Angelina Germanotta, reveals the only thing that drives her nuts is being idle.

Lady Gaga’s slavish devotion to be the best (and fashion) drove her to order bags of cocaine and spend hours perfecting her hair and makeup in a tiny Lower East Side apartment after she dropped out of NYU several years ago.

The savvy Gaga reveals that her real musical goals are quite serious, though: “My true legacy will be the test of time, and whether I can sustain a space in pop culture and really make stuff that will have a genuine impact.”

Music aside, she's certainly having an impact as far as her fashion sense is concerned. Click to enlarge more Lady Gaga pictures below and see why ...

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Lady Gaga has makes some good songs and looks beautiful. Her sense of fashion is a littlw strange but who gives a fu*k. And the shit about her having a penis is not something we need to know. And to all thoae who think her music is shit then that is your opinion not a fact about her. I have a neighbor who hates all music but metal. He likes metallica and hates green day, but that does not make for a sh*t band.


Good site


There is alot of talk about lady gaga having a pecker whats the deal with that kinda strange but we all need to know lol thats kinda crazy


Were going extinct if this shit here is art. The only thing that separated us from animals was our reason and if "this" thing is art then art is dead.


Hello she is beautiful


Ruff, ruff, bow wow wow. Do you thing she eats from a plastic or stainless steel bowl? I'll bet she loves Beneful. This woman is repellant, she could frighten the label off a bottle of beer!


Have your man sit on top of the washing,machine while you have sex you perched on top, with you legs wrapped around his waist. The vibrations carry through his penis, turming it into a wonderfull vibrator. in the bath is fun....


I want sexly u


Gaga rocks. Frackin' Fraggle Rock Glam! I LOVE IT!!!!!! This bit*h is cool.


love her ....look out world.