Kate Gosselin to Co-Host The View

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You've been watching Jon Minus 9 Plus 4 Mediocre Girls.

Now, get ready for Kate Plus 8 and 4 Loud Windbags!

Continuing her recent media tour, Kate Gosselin is going from celebrity gossip fodder to celebrity pundit, joining the growing list of surprisingly topical guest co-hosts for the upcoming season of popular current events gab-fest The View.

Kate will throw in her grating two cents September 14-15, when she sits in for Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is on maternity leave until October sometime.

Kate Gosselin, Steve Neild

TALK SHOW QUEEN: Kate Gosselin (with her bodyguard and rumored lover Steve Neild) departs CNN studios after a lonely appearance last night on Larry King Live.

The irony for Elisabeth Hasselbeck is that the conservative host offered this unsolicited (and typically riled-up) advice to Kate back in June: "get a job!"

Looks like she did. Hers. It's hard to tell which of them is more annoying.

Mrs. Gosselin joins LaToya Jackson and Meghan McCain at the table.


What's with the media continually focusing on these two nut jobs??


Can everyone get off the womans back? Please, what would you do in her case? To get the chance to stay home and raise your kids is something America has lost a long time ago. It should be that way! The cameras are her choice as a mother to provide for 8 children she probably has high standards for. When has it become a crime to want more for our kids?
The crime is a man that loses his self indentity to a strong woman - as now SHE'S wrong! Go grow some!!!


what on earth can kate add to the program? And who gets the job of telling her that the show is NOT about her? And are they drawing straws to see who HAS to sit next to her due to the 'hitting' she is used to doing? Why is this conceited nothing being promoted as a good mother when she has spent less time with her kids than most of her 'helpers' and 'not nannies'.




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