Kate Gosselin: "Lonely" on Larry King

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While Jon Gosselin has become the most eligible bachelor around since his split from Kate Gosselin, the latter says she is not ready for romance.

"I am not yet divorced officially," she told Larry King on CNN's Larry King Live Tuesday when asked if she feels single. "I'm lonely, but very busy."

Asked if Jon is a good father, Kate paused a long time before saying: "Yes?"

Very convincing.

Pressed about why she paused, Kate elaborated that she knows Jon is a good father deep down, even if she disagrees with "some of his decisions."

Those would be Hailey Glassman, Kate Major, Stephanie Santoro, etc., etc.

Addressing how the couple's children are handling the split, Kate Gosselin said: "They are starting to understand the process [of divorce]. They are working through it the same way that Jon and I are. They're doing remarkably well."

Gosselin says that like any kids whose parents split, her children wish she and Jon were together, but for now, "My goal is peace and we've achieved that."

Still, Gosselin acknowledged that their life isn't always peaceful. She explained a recent encounter that resulted in the police being called to their home.

"It was not this huge fight," she said. "It was just a thing where I wanted to be there with the kids as opposed to a babysitter. He wasn't fond of that idea."

The babysitter in question? Stephanie Santoro, Jon's rumored play thing.

As for whether the show goes on, Kate would not speak for Jon, who would like to be done filming, but said she plans to keep shooting Jon and Kate Plus 8.

"Myself and the kids will continue the show," she said. "I signed my name to a contract and I am going to do my best to make that work as long as it is healthy for myself and the kids. There could be [another season] or there could not be."


Really ladies needs to get real! If the man would have done what he was suppose to she would never had to kick him in the @$$ to do so! His fault. She already has 8 kids why make it 9! I have four kids and didn't make them by myself, so, when I ask their father to help and it's in one ear and out the other, it only leads me and I'm sure a lot of women to have to get in to mama mode with them too! So, if we as mothers are a step ahead of the fathers, too bad! Your kiddie time stopped when you had kids of your own!


Wow, talk about females backing females. Kate is a frickin witch, she drove him away, belittled him and demeaned the man, who in their right mind wouldn't want to get away from her. Now she wants to play nicey nicey for the cameras, I'm a good mother. Maybe she is a decent mother, but she takes every opportunity to be like Jennifer Aniston, waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, I am the victim!!! Please!! What about her security guard boyfriend?? Who is married too!! Yeah, don't buy her BS phony personna. He loves his children, you can see that. But the media, all the men haters out there, Jon is a creep!! Forget that crap, Jon - good luck Man!! Celebrate being away from your media whore, lying, manipulating soon to be ex-wife. Be a good father to your children and don't let her manipulate you anymore!!


I think the show should be called kate plus eight. Her ex has gone Hollywood. He needs grow up!


Jon needs to move on! But also remember how he got this life style! No show no money.How long can he pay his rent and have his trips with his girlfriends. Kate plus 8 sounds like a show to me!




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