Poor Jon Gosselin Just Wants a Normal Life!

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He's living it up as America's most eligible bachelor, but Jon Gosselin says he would rather punch the ol' clock instead of appearing on a reality show.

"I wish I had a 9-to-5 job instead of the nightmare I'm living. This is 24/7," he said yesterday, outside the $1.1 million mansion that TLC built.

"I don't even want to do taping for the show anymore."

If TLC has its way, he may get his wish fairly soon.

For now, at least, poor Jon Gosselin is stuck filming Jon and Kate Plus 8 and making promotional appearances to make as much money as possible.

"I have two houses and eight children to take care of and I need to work," he said, expecting us to feel sorry for his $75,000-per-episode salary.

He's also got to drop coin on Hailey Glassman and various other mediocre girls, don't forget. That amount just doesn't stretch as far as it used to.

Jon Gosselin wishes he could be a regular working stiff.

He's rumored to be in talks to star in his own reality show, but that's neither here nor there. Just feel sorry for him right now, dammit! He works so hard!

Later that day, Gosselin taped Jon & Kate Plus 8 with the kids at the Lower Heidelberg Fire Company in Berks County, Pa. The family threw a fund raising lemonade stand. Gosselin "smiled and posed with local young women."

Heh heh.

In an apparent dig at celeb gossip reporters following him, he wore a t-shirt with the words "Lies, Lies, Lies." What is he trying to say, we wonder ...

Jon also wore his trademark douchebag earing and sunglasses.


When you have kids you have to give up alot of your life. I also think Jon took the easy way out. Those kids deserve parents that they can count on. It's hard enough in this crazy world. When you become a parent you must give up certain things.


I also feel sorry for Jon. Kate is the bitch. Jon worked and raised them kids when they were little. Remember him getting up for work taking care of the little ones and putting Kates coffee by the bed so she would have it when she finally rolled out? She always had help during the day then Jon took over at night. He bathed them and got them ready for bed. Kate treated him like dirt. She is the dusch bag. All you could hear early on was JOOOON. Poor guy. Hang in there Jon. Get a girl that will treat you right and settle down. Let Kate have her body guard.


Jon is scum. I cant stand to watch him. I feel sorry for Kate his ex-wife. You would be kinda a bitch 2 if you had to deal with 8 kids. Jon took the easy way out like the B*tch that he is.


I feel bad for Jon. He was the best part of the show in its first two seasons. He had a decent job, and he's been used by alot of people for headlines in a sick way. I don't excuse his bad judgement but he's one of us caught up in a tabloid storm, none of us would fare very well in the same. Sorry Jon but I think your regular Joe 9-to-5 days are long gone.


He blowing smoke folks. He couldn't (and didn't) make it in a 9-5 before. Maybe he's counting on alimony!! If Kate makes more than he does, she could be supporting him AND the kids. Jon has been acting like a teenager lately for a reason. He thinks he's something he's not. Like a committed father - he always seemed uncomfortable around the kids. Maybe there where too many of them, their needs, etc. for him to get the attention he so desparetely wants.


Stupid Douche
Jon had a sweet job taking care of his 8 kids with help. His work was filming a few days a week. Stupid douche, he's throwing it all away.
Good luck finding a job that pays a yearly salary of $75,000.


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