Jon Gosselin to Appear on Good Morning America, Bash TLC For "Exploiting" Kids

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Jon Gosselin is finally ready to break his silence.

In a formal, sit-down interview, that is. Lord knows that guy runs his mouth to celebrity gossip tabloids pretty much 24-7, resulting in more inopportune sound bites and contradictory statements than you can even keep track of.

Good Morning America scored the first post-divorce interview with the nation's most eligible d-bag bachelor. On Friday, Jon sat down with GMA to talk about ex Kate Gosselin, the network that started it all (TLC) and his future career.

In her recent media tour, Kate Gosselin has remained fairly neutral, or at least just let the softballs sail past her whenever she's asked about Jon.

Will America's biggest player do the same?

A source on set during the taping tells E! that Gosselin was "very open and honest" about his feelings toward Kate and the future of Jon & Kate Plus 8:

"TLC has had him on a gag order and he's sick of it ... Jon basically comes right out and says he's worried the show is exploiting his eight children."

The Biggest Loser

Okay, so he's sick of the cameras following his eight kids around, but that doesn't mean the King of Pimps, who hosted a Las Vegas pool party packed with scantily-clad babes Saturday, is ready to leave the spotlight himself.

"Jon says he doesn't see himself as a celebrity, but because the public now does, it makes it hard to go back to a normal life and a normal job," says the source.

"He wants to stay in the TV industry, and he has a lot of ideas."

Naturally, when Jon got wind of this E! News report, he got on the horn and said the complete opposite: "I'm not saying TLC is exploiting my children."

"I have said on numerous occasions TLC has afforded my kids a better life and provided a better roof on their heads," the lover of Hailey Glassman adds.

He did say that "What I do believe is the media and tabloids covering my family and the show for their own financial gain are the ones exploiting them."

The interview is scheduled to air in the next week.


Oops...Jon. If he's even desreving of a name, especially Dad.


John Gosselin is an enormous asshole, made possible by Kate's invisible dick (haha sorry, they're equally deserving of the hell given to them by reality TV). They made that decision together to exploit their children. It's called karma, bitch.


He said it"I am still young and want to live my life". Yes after all the hard work that Kate has put forth in spite of him. She works so hard and I cannot imagine the work it must take for her to travel and still be an amazing mother. His only time to take care of the children is when Kate was away on a trip and boy does he pout about it. Wouldn't it be wonderful if he got half custody of the children and he and his girfriend had to take them half of the time... I wonder how long that relationship would last. Kate is strong and she needed to be for the sake of so many children. They will be able to go to college and live very well. She made lemonade out of lemons. I hope she finds her soulmate someone that will have the same strength and not a whinny jon.


Jon is a whore-dog, running with all those women one after another, it will be nice to see him have to pay child support for all those kids....he'll need a good paying job thats for sure. He hates the show and lime-light but he makes sure he makes his commnets to the camera, deep down he loves it, why he talks to the camera. I know Kate must have been a bear to live with at times with her control problems but didn't he have any go-nads to speak up to her & shut her, he takes it, and nows cries about it. I think the kids are doing fine thru all this, they have a great life going places and seeing things. I do think he loves his kid but what will they say when they realize he left Kate and was with another woman the same night.


It is awful that their private lives are being played out in the media. I now feel sorry for Kate, she cannot hate Jon because her children are a spitting images of him. I am sure if she feels hate toward him she probably has a hard time not showing it toward the 8 kids.


You all need help. They were doing the best they could until Jon had to be house husband. Women are put in that position all the time. I've lost any respect I had for him. Gooooooo Kate +8.


Hailey is a t.rt, Jon is a weirdo, Hailey puts out for every Tom, Dick and Happy, Jon is a fame whore, perfect combination if I must say. Hailey and Jon Loser deserves each other


My opinion about Jon. You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. (Sow is a female pig.) When Kate married him, who knew he couldn't keep it in his pants.


it's past due to let this train wreck alone. If (we) everybody continue to say anything about this family then this family and all the crap will stay in the headlines. Let it die and stop acting like jon or kate are news worthly. They are not. Never were,...John Q Public made it so and John Q Public can stop it.


No one knows the truth about Jon and I, and never will. So you all can get bent!


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