Jon Gosselin: The Hottest Thing in Vegas

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The temperature exceeded 100 degrees ... in the shade.


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    Fred rico, no one forced him to marry her!!! So basically he made a mistake by marrying her, yet he agreed to father 8 kids. So because his wife, yes still married, craps on him it makes it okay for him to go out making an a$$ of himself and act like a 17 year old boy? Wow. All the while, there are 8 little children back at home that have to deal with all of this in their lives. Great guy. He had the choice to be the bigger more mature person in this, yet he chose to do the opposite.


    he`s BUT UGLY! pls refrain from posting ugly faces like that.


    The train wreck rides again. Why do you think those people showed up----duh---it was free, paid for by the eight gosselin children. He is definitely the geek in the side show at a circus. That Hailey girl should run for her life as should Kate 1 and 2.


    Highly irresponsible and immature behaviour for a man with 8 children to care for. He allowed the woman to control the marriage, then blame her for his passive personality. This man is a sad excuse for a parent. Gutless!


    What an absolute disaster of a situation. I feel the worst for the kids, they don't deserve this. If he was unhappy that is one thing but you just don't go from happy dad/husband/homeowner to partying out in Vegas/girlfriends, etc. Obviously his marriage and children mean little to this guy. I know a lot of people don't like Kate, but she IS the mother of his children and he CHOSE to marry her, for better or in this case worse. He's managed to make himself look like a heartless person who only cares about himself. Very sad.


    i use to love the jon and kate plus 8 and kind of still do.... jon go home to your 8 kids. you partying like they not even here on earth. im glad you happy now because you seem to be very depress on the show with kate. kate stop playing the im a single mom card you making me sick. you two say you love your kids well act like it and being kids all up in the news............


    ...but he is so ICKY! Not attractive at all!

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