Jon Gosselin: I Love Hailey Glassman!

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America's most eligible bachelor, Jon Gosselin, says that while it was over with wife Kate last fall, he tried counseling in an effort to save their marriage.

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    No respect for this dude..I don't care if Kate is a practicing Witch! With all the razzi following his kids and considering where they live....all the crazy fools that would love the opportunity to snatch one of them....he'd leave them there in the midst of this mess?
    He could have built a room onto the house and lived seperately from Kate..ignored her and taken the Father/Protector role...He couldn't sacrifice a bit of his life ....just to be there for those kids until they got a bit older...they are used to strangers now...everyone knows them. I'd be terrified to live so far away if I were him...he leaves their safety up to some bodyguard while he drinks the night away. Real mature there Jon, what a stud.


    I'm so sick of these people already! he looks like he has downs syndrome and his wife Kate looks like David Spade! are'nt these people's 15 minutes over yet?


    Ok, Jon you're a loser and Kate is soooooo much better than you. I do not understand what is going through your head cuz obviosly all you think about is getting away from your ADORABLE children and Kate, and they did nothing wrong. I hope you read these comments Jon because maybe you'll understand how selfish and immature you sound and look. BTW who the heck is Hailey Glassman?! Jon better shape up and pray to God that his kids never discover the internet. ( but they will) So Jon might as well act his age and spend as much time with his kids as he can before they figure out what he did.


    Jon's kids are gonna grow up, read all about this and he's gonna be embarrased! I'm embarrased for him. How unbelievably selfish of a person. It's very obvious where his priorities are (and aren't). Kate deserves better. She will find a real man one day.


    He didn't start dating Hailley Glassman until after Kate filed for divorce? Maybe so, but he sure was publicly dating others long before Kate knew they were "separated". This guy is the Ultimate Douche.


    LOSER! Still whining like the immature idiot he is. Funny, in Hailey's interview she says they started "dating" in May. Too many contradictions and lies come out of this guy. The poor kids, to have to grow up with that for a dad. Its a good thing Kate is a strong woman, the kids are going to need that to make up for their slacker, loser, geek of a father. EWWWWWWWWWW and when is he going to do something about those man boobs? Gross.


    Oh Jon just grow up!!! You wanted the children as much as Kate, well guess what, kids are work!!! Just shows your commitment to those poor children. Waaaaa Waaaa do you need some cheese with that wine?


    you need love Jon Kate was sooooooooooooooooooo bossy and annoying...she seems like a dominatrixxx ...but maybe your into that you notty boy

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