Joe Jackson Wants Justice ... Whatever That is

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"Am I angry? No, I'm not angry. I'm mad!" - Joe Jackson

Carefully guarding words, but at the same time sounding like a deranged lunatic, Joe Jackson spoke out this morning on the Today show about Michael Jackson's death, saying he was unaware – until now – "there was foul play done."

"I didn't know all this was going on," the late King of Pop's father said in reference to Michael's drug use, which ultimately led to his demise June 25.

"I'm not angry, I'm mad ... Because I didn't know all this was going on."

Now, the family patriarch and sometime spokesman "wants justice."

What exactly he meant by "justice" remained unclear.

Asked if he would like criminal charges to be brought against those responsible for Michael's death (Dr. Conrad Murray), Joe replied, "I don't know."

He may also not know where he is at this moment in time.

Joe Jackson was equally elusive on the topic of his relationship with Michael's three children: Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II (Blanket).

"I'm their grandfather," he said, truthfully.

Asked how often he sees the children, who he signed a legal document saying he would not be responsible for raising, he said only, "I see them enough."

No insight on today's Macaulay Culkin rumor, sadly.

Check out the video of Joe Jackson's interview ...


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well, i guess,everyone's have their chance to forgive and ofcourse to be forgiven......for sure..michael have already forgave his father..we all know after his father's issue over him when he's a child,he gave a chance foe his father...


Just the sight of Joe Jackson makes me want to puke. Justice would be removing him from the airwaves all together. His fifteen minutes are up, what he did to Michael is forever.


My heart goes out to Michael's whole family.
I miss Micahel as much as they do.


Joe Jackson should take a look at himself and realize that he was a total jerk and abusive father to Michael Jackson. Joe Jackson is so thick skulled that he is to ignorant to understand he turned out the way he did because when Michael Jackson his father Joe Jackson was very ignorant and abusive as a father. There is one place where Joe Jackson should go upon his death and that is the Hubs of Hades as he isn't qualified to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

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