Joe Jackson: Michael Will Be Buried on Birthday

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Michael Jackson will be laid to rest in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles at 10 a.m. on August 29 on what would have been the King of Pop's 51st birthday.

So says his father, Joe Jackson.

Michael Jackson, Children

The elder Jackson, who never misses an opportunity to cash in pay tribute to his late son, indicated that the burial plans were made final in the past few days.

Joe, who now resides in Las Vegas, has spoken out on several occasions since Michael's death, including a really odd conversation with Larry King and another interview during which he claimed Omer Bhatti was his grandson.

Jackson said he is supportive of the Los Angeles Police Department probe into his son's June 25 death so far - but also said that cops and the DEA may end up making Dr. Conrad Murray "the fall guy for a whole lot of people."

He did not elaborate.

Joe Jackson says Michael will be buried August 29.

Conrad Murray was Michael Jackson's personal doctor and with him the day he died. Murray's lawyer has confirmed the doctor is being investigated for administering the anesthetic Propofol and possibly other drugs. He denies wrongdoing.

Joe Jackson, who lives apart from the singer's mom, Katherine Jackson, says she's taken Michael's death particularly hard, and frequently bursts out in tears.

Having had a contentious relationship with his son, Joe said he tried to see his son months before his death, but "security guards wouldn't let me get to him."


Mrs.katherine jackson, i really feel sorry for you.But dear aunty we really pray for our brilliant , fantastic ,uncomparable unforgetable singer Michael .We can't love him like you did for your entire life but we can not also reduce our love and respect for you ,your family and ofcourse your son michael.We can understand your pain of loosing your son whom we love like ANYTHING. He is very special living in our heart who made ussimply mad in 1 minute in 1 day but who also went away in 1 moment.Aunt we promise you will will forget ourselves but we wont forget our lover no matter what happens. love u aunty...


I really feel sorry for MJ's mother. She's old now, and it must be terrible to lose your son like that. No money in the world can bring him back. Poor lady.

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