Heidi Pratt Defends Faith, Lame Playboy Spread

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Despite obscene amounts of hype and even more airbrushing, why didn't Heidi Pratt actually bare all in the overrated September issue of Playboy?

"Always leave them asking for more," Pratt said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show on Tuesday morning. "Next time, I'll have more to reveal."

Note that no one really wants to see more.

Asked if she has a two- or three-part Playboy deal, Mrs. Spencer Pratt coyly replied, "Maybe." She added that she "had fun" stripping down.

The Heidi Montag nude spread in no way compromised her Christianity, the bleach-blonde star of The Hills was quick to point out. Because you know Jesus approves of Playboy ... as long as the girls don't go full frontal style.

Heidi Pratt Playboy Photo

Jesus gives the thumbs-up to Heidi Montag sort of nude!

"For me personally, I feel like God created the human body, and the body is beautiful," she said. "The way God created us in the beginning was naked."

"I am not ashamed of it. I'm proud of it... This was such a blessed experience."

The way God created her was quite a lot different, of course ... think a lot of plastic surgery and four seasons of The Hills ago. See photo comparison below to see the "natural" beauty Heidi displayed in Playboy vs. who she used to be.

Then again, at least Spencer Pratt is giving her 20-30 orgasms a day as an honest woman after they got married. Surely He approves of their union.

Heidi then and now. What a difference a lot of plastic surgery makes.


She needs to keep her mouth shut. What a hideous woman. Believe me, it has nothing to do with her photos.....


The Playboy spread was lame, Hugh Hefner should be embarrassed after all the hype to have a photo spread like that.
Try getting someone who wants to pose Hugh and show her body.
Heidi is not in that catagory.


how the hell is this butt ugly woman beautiful? she's hidious, and she and spencer can stop bragging about a page spread noone cares about, she was prettier in the before photos, now she's just a plastic, airheaded blonde bimbo


shes beautifull


Urgghh put your hideous fake boobs away, donkeyface.


She looked better in the before pic.


...Christianity?.....Blessed....? Funniest lines ever. Jesus might not want you to cast the first stone at her, but as I remember them, she's just achieved 2 of the 7 Deadly Sins.


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