Dane Cook Makes Unfunny, Inappropriate Reference to Vanessa Hudgens Naked Pic Scandal

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Dane Cook is an unfunny moron.

At this week's Teen Choice Awards, the formerly popular stand-up comedian took to the stage and called out Vanessa Hudgens.

Not content to simply refer to her multiple-time naked picture scandal, Cook forced the camera to pan to the actress and then couldn't even muster a joke about her. He simply said:

Girl, you gotta keep your clothes on!

As the clip below (which was actually edited out of the broadcast) proves, Vanessa looked far from happy about the mockery:

We'd have less of a problem with the reference if Cook actually made an attempt to be funny or witty. You know, something like:

High School Musical? More like High School Nude-ical!


Bandslam? More like Band-slammin' Body!

You get the idea.

Instead, Cook just exploited the situation without even trying to be creative. That's extra lame. Don't you agree?


Dane cook is funny i like him but i also like vanessa hudgens too! everybody makes mistakes abut what he said was wrong


oh please,don't feel sorry for her because she put the pics up there, Dane seen a joke or a bashing and he took it! who wouldn't. Not to be mean but if this is what teens look up to these days than I find it repulsing and quit frankly very stupid. Go DANE!


DANE COOK IS HILARIOUS!! your just jealous this little article hasn't brought you any fame


Girls..Huh..Vanessa Hudgens i loved her so much fan.I totally wouldn`t dream of Dane Cook,but i wouldn`t be there always..


So..I`m great about vanessa hudgens great those pictured you got love them for me yeh,well having fun,yeh..You going this again from those naked those..


Put yourself in her shoes how would you feel if you made a huge mistake, dats wrong guys loosen up
and no one deserves public humilliation. also I really don't think she posted the pics.


Also to those who think it's a publicity stunt, ok seriously why would she want to do that. to gaga4gossip you must be really heartless to say that it was funny because it wasn't at all,
and I think that you and this Riley person are really just JEALOUS of her fame and that she has a really hot boyfriend and you don't, so you are being really mean about the events that went on! Ha I bet that's exactally it.(wow im like a genious)


You guys need to lighten up on the disney sters they are human too and we make mistakes all the time so people don't act like they are perfect little angels because they aren't and they deserve to have a little support! and dane cook should really be a little more sensitive because the comment kinda made him seem like a jerk, but im still a fan.


this was funny i LOVE DANE COOK!!!


he sucks!!!!! asshole!!!!!!

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