Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens Exchange Pleasantries, Nude Photo Tips

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Did you ever consider Polaroid?
Yes. But then I figured there was no chance the photos would get leaked and I wouldn't be the top search term on Google for a day.
Same here. I can't believe you shaved it all!

When Ashley Greene and Vanesa Hudgens get together, as the pair did this week in Vancouver, what do you think they discuss?

Considering the fact that each young actress has had nude photos of hers leaked online in the past month, it's safe to assume that naked picture tips are a major topic of conversation.

We wonder if they even recognize each other with clothes on...

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  • Ashley Greene and Vanessa Hudgens

Nudity talk aside, a question remains: What was Vanessa Hudgens doing in Vancouver?

Just shooting her next movie, Sucker Punch? Or is the speculation that she may appear in Eclipse, a cameo that fans of the franchise seem torn over, valid? Would you wanna see a bit of High School Musical infused with the Twilight Saga?

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Shut up.Personally I'm not the biggest fan of her or Musical is School or whatever,but it's gossip sites like this one (IN PARTICULAR BASTARD)that exploit girls like her and your twilight one Ashley.She apologized,get over it.Nobody's perfect,heck even the hillbilly ho Mily knows it.


aren't they like... different ages?


She'd look like a hot vampire... seriously.


W-H-O-R-E!! that spells VANESSA HUDGENS!.... you are a mother fucken slut !!!.. i dont kno why zac effrom ever wasted his flippin time on you !! i think he is using her to seem straight!! which idiot keeps photos of herself naked on her phone??WTF??!!


is she trying for a part in eclipse or something???????




what are you trying to say ???
:( :)


eww i hope she doesnt have a cameo in Eclipse. i really am not a fan of her. she is not someone who should be in the movie. i dont think i would go see it if she went and was in it


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