Alexander Skarsgard: What About Me?!?

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Last week, we asked readers to name the sexiest pretend vampire of all-time.

In less-than-shocking results, Robert Pattinson took home over three-quarters of the votes cast.


But was the poll even legitimate?

Sure, Pattinson was involved. And, yes, other handsome blood suckers - such as Tom Cruise from Interview with the Vampire and Ian Somerhalder from The Vampire Diaries - were pictured.

But we've received angry emails from True Blood fans that say no vampire comparison is complete without the inclusion of Alexander Skarsgard. As always, you've asked... we've answered!

Compare the Swedish actor, whose best known American credit is portraying Eric on this HBO hit, with Pattinson below. Then, cast your vote...

Who makes the hotter pretend vampire?


alexander has to be serious all the time. pattinson has this vulnerableness about him that makes him irresistible!


i think alex is better looking and way better as an actor


Please there is no comparison. Obviously Alex is better, he isn't just good looking he is also REALLY charming. And let's be honest girls every time he walks in the scene even if it's just for a walk it seems screaming sex sex sex!


I think Erik is such an excellent Actor in true blood, everytime he on the screen all the women in our house have a melt down lol we need to see much more of him and Robert Patt WHO lol Alexander Skarsgard is the best vamp i ever did see.


Robert is cute and yah Hot even but Alexander aka Eric...ohlala.. Oh men! He is the true sexy vampire... hands down! I agree with the black wife beater enseble. He's just so lovely. Those arms are just amazing. Oh how I wish he could lift me. Alex please come to Canada. PLEASE!!!!!!
You can charm me!


Alex all day everygoddamn day!!!
Hes the definition of a real vampire, no damn vampire sparkles in the sun, and certaintly no damn vampire lives in the sun. Lets see alex againts that boy, alexander wil rip that boy to piecessss


alex definately is the hottest vampire of all time!! All his fans love him (for personalilty and body)


Alex/Eric is awesome!! He is sooooo HOOOT!!!


oops... typo... I mean Skarsgard could do "shoulder porn". His fans love his body.


The Twilight guy is hot. But there is a new sherif in town that will likely steal some of his thunder. I am smitten with Alexander Skarsgard like I have never been over any other actor. I cant explain it. But he is so HOT. On TB in his black wife beater... he could do should porn. Just give us MORE SKARSGARD!!!

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