Entertainment News Magazine Pits Robert Pattinson Against Stephen Moyer

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In late June, Stephen Moyer referred to Robert Pattinson as a very bad word.

Now, Entertainment Weekly is stoking the fire of this red hot feud by pitting the actors against one another on the cover of its latest issue.

Based on the success of the Twilight Saga and True Blood, the magazine asks why pop culture is currently embracing this genre with such enthusiasm.

“The traditional vampire story, with monsters and victims, chases and chills, is plain fun,” Alan Ball, a producer on True Blood, said in response to this question.

“But they can often reveal the general state of the cultural psyche.”

EW Cover

Hollywood isn't done with sucking up the public's taste for blood, either. This fall, The Vampire Diaries premieres on The CW.

This all started years ago, however, as Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt made hearts melt in Interview with the Vampire, the 1994 movie that helped launch the career of both these A-listers.

It all got us thinking: Who's the hottest pretend vampire of all-time? Click on the options below and then vote in our poll...

Ian Somerhalder as Damon


Besides the fact that the twilight saga has an insane base of Twitards, I think the reason all the other vampires (more reasonable ones who actually melt, and not SPARKLE) got less votes is because they haven't been watched as much. Personally, I think Brad Pitt was hot as in Interview with the vampire. If not, at least he didn't make us laugh our asses off from that look Rob Pat had in twilight in that dance studio scene. Oh my, that was HILARIOUS.


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i like true blood, but i swear to god that every time that their fangs come out and they talk,, i piss my self laughing...its like they have $2 dollar fake teeth in...u can even here them lisping....its just not a good look!!


Ever notice how Stephen Moyer does not do well in these polls but Alexander Skarsgard has more than once beaten them all? Hopefully the media will give Alex more attention instead of shoving the other one down our throats.


for me it has to be either of the Sutherland Brothers from lost boys and Lost boys 2 the Tribe xx or the one off queen of the damned he was HOT


Quit comparing the two. I'm sick to death of it. A movie for teens and tv show for adults. What can you compare? Oh, yah they both have vampires.


None - I'd pick Gerald Butler in Dracula 2000
That was before he got bitten by the douche bug


I'll take Stephen with a side of Brad and a serving of Eric !
let us know what you think truebloodnet.com



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