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New Moon was a solid follow-up to Twilight. But we know one way in which the sequel could have been even better:

More Taylor Lautner shirtless!

Granted, we were privy to a number of scenes in which Jacob eschewed a shirt... but would anyone have objected to one or two (dozen) more?

Fortunately, a couple weeks after the New Moon DVD hit stores, a deleted, five-minute scene from the film has been released. In it, Jacob visits Bella's room, tries to explain himself and, most importantly, is half-naked. Peep it now:

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It takes an awful lot to make Taylor Lautner's 18th birthday the second biggest Twilight news of the day, but...

Fans anxious for a sneak peek at Eclipse should purchase The Twilight Saga: New Moon on DVD or Blu-ray at Walmart.

That store's "Ultimate Fan Edition" will be the only one to feature a seven-minute preview of the third film in this franchise. Based on a press release from this week, it will include:

  • New interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, and Stephenie Meyer;
  • Behind-the-scenes and on-set footage, including the premiere of a scene from Eclipse.

The Ultimate Fan Edition is available for pre-order at this very moment. It's likely to surpass Twilight as the most pre-ordered movie in Walmart history.

New Moon comes to DVD on March 20 and Eclipse hits theaters on June 30... as if you hadn't already seared those dates into your memory ages ago.

New Moon Poster

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New Moon mania is about to start up again.

Granted, it might not be as wild this time around, but a release date has been announced for the Twilight sequel on DVD: it will hit stores on March 20.

New Moon DVD

In a statement, Summit Entertainment explains the unusual move of releasing a new DVD on a Saturday:

"The Twilight Saga: New Moon will be released on a Two-Disc Special Edition DVD and Special Edition Blu-ray on March 20, 2010 - a Saturday street date that will allow for fans across the nation to celebrate at retailer's midnight release parties before taking home the film at 12:01 a.m."

Director Chris Weitz, meanwhile, says the DVD will have "about ten minutes of groovy stuff [fans] haven't seen."

Don't worry, Chris. As long as it has Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner shirtless, this thing will sell well.

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The year in movies came to a positive end Christmas weekend, as theaters across the nation took in the largest box office haul in Hollywood history.

But how will events, actors and films from 2009 be remembered beyond that? According to a newly-released poll, very well if you were part of New Moon; not as well if your name is Megan Fox.

Below, we list the results of that site's year-end poll, including the percentage of film buffs that voted for 2009's Best Movie, Worst Actress and other categories...

Best Movie: New Moon (41%)

Worst Movie: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (24%)

Funniest Movie: The Hangover (52%)

Worst Female Performance: Megan Fox (Transformers, 31%)

Worst Male Performance: Jack Black (Year One, 22%)

Best Male Performance: George Clooney (Up in the Air, 29%)

Best Female Performance: Sanda Bullock (The Blind Side, 44%)

Sexiest Male Star: Robert Pattinson (46%)

Sexiest Female Star: Megan Fox (45%)

Agree with these results? Disagree? Dying to see Megan Fox nude, just never, ever on the big screen again? Write in. Let us know!

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Looks like THG staff members weren't the only ones to attend a showing of New Moon this weekend.

Following our positive review of the Twilight sequel, final weekend numbers have come in for the film - and they're more impressive that Robert Pattinson's hair!

Robsten in Bed!

New Moon grossed $140.7 million during its first two days in release, the third best opening weekend in movie history. Only The Dark Knight and Spider-Man 3 fared better.

Thanks to Bella, Jacob and Edward, New Moon is setting box office records.

Twilight took home $69.6 million over its opening weekend. The third film in the franchise, Eclipse, will try to out-earn both these installments in June 2010.

Did you like New Moon?


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The Twilight Saga: New Moon premiered Friday after months of unprecedented hype. In the end, a solid picture delivered as advertised and almost lived up to it.

Having been a part of box office history, we've got our New Moon review for you here. Tell us what you thought of the film by commenting and voting in our poll!

Set Shot

As is our custom with The Hills, The City, The Bachelor and Bachelorette, the THG staff reviews New Moon, awarding and deducting points as we see fit ...

The feel of the movie is better than Twilight ... the scenery a bit less bleak, the vampires less pale. There's even some sun in the Italy scenes! Plus 2.

Edward leaves Bella after a birthday paper cut nearly gets her eaten. Minus 10. We knew it was coming, but thanks a lot, Jasper, for what resulted in a movie almost entirely devoid of Robert Pattinson. Control your urges next time, jerk.

Listening to the majority-female audience erupt at the first glimpse of Taylor Lautner shirtless - when Bella wrecks the motorcycle and Jacob dispatches of his shirt to stop the bleeding - was a scene out of a movie ... at a movie. Plus 19.

In Twilight, Kristin Stewart was great as Bella discovered love and grappled with its forbidden nature. In New Moon, she just kinda stares a lot. Minus 5.

Edward: "You gave me everything just by breathing." Swoon. Plus 4.

Jacob, on how his wolf pals in all their shirtless, homoerotic roughhousing glory must look to an outsider: "It's not a lifestyle choice." LOL. Plus 3.

Bella's "visions" of Edward aren't really doing it for us. For a teenager, this guy seems awfully lifeless, like even he can't believe he's doing this. Minus only 2, though, because it's better than no Edward, and he is 104 years old after all.

Plus 3 for the convincingly bad ass werewolf special effects!

We know it's a four-part saga, but New Moon is the ultimate Team Jacob show. Unlike brooding Edward, Jake has a wicked sense of humor that adds a new element to the sexual tension smoldering just beneath the surface with Bella. Plus 7.

Bella's dad: "Love who is good for you." If only, Charlie Swan. If only. Minus 1.

Mixed reviews on these Volturi peeps. Some are hard to take seriously, but the lead guy is evil and Dakota Fanning creepily sadistic as hell. So ... Even.

Man, Bella wants to be bitten so hard. When she gets on an plane to rescue her lover, it happens to be ... Virgin Air. Think that was intentional? Plus 2.

Edward finally figures out he was wrong to leave Bella, and slow motion, shirtless drama ensues. The theater explodes again. It's. About. Time. Plus 6.

Seven freaking months until Eclipse. Minus 1,293. But Plus 1,294 because if it's true to the books, it'll be worth the wait, and better than New Moon.

TOTAL: +29! In some ways a letdown because its most popular star plays a supporting role at most, New Moon is at the same time sexier, darker and funnier than Twilight. The characters are (mostly) relatable and dynamic, and the action riveting.

Its biggest flaw was the PR machine setting the bar too high. Obviously, it's all about getting people in the door, but it couldn't possibly live up to the hype - especially for what many believe was the least awesome of the four Twilight Saga books.

What did you think of New Moon?


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From all indications, The Twilight Saga: New Moon box office results will be absolutely massive on its opening night this evening (or technically this morning).

Anyone surprised?

Advanced ticket sales for the second part of the series have sold out thousands of theaters, projecting an $85-100 million opening weekend for the film.

The first Twilight film brought in $69.6 million its first days.

According to, an online seller, New Moon is the #1 Advance Ticket Seller of all time, topping Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Whether you're on Team Jacob or Team Edward, we know where you're going to be Friday night: theaters. Sorry, members of Team Volturi. No one likes you guys.

News organizations nationwide reported local theaters selling out, with many camped out for hours to stake out their spot for the heavily-hyped premiere.

Before even hitting the screen, 2,000-plus theaters sold out. Estimates indicate it already raked in $26.3 million with just its 12:01 a.m. screenings today.

That's an all-time high for midnight premieres.

When released, the final box office results are expected to be outstanding for the first weekend of its release, despite the mixed reviews it's drawn so far.

THG will be reviewing the movie after visiting one of those sold-out theaters tonight. Check back early tomorrow morning for our New Moon review!

Have you seen New Moon already? If so, what did you think? Vote below!


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The talk show appearances. The global tour. The magazine covers.

They've all been a dress rehearsal for last night's major event: the official New Moon premiere in Los Angeles!

Naturally, the red carpet showing brought out Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz and other stars from the movie. But it also featured a number of other celebrities, such as...

... Shar Jackson?

Yes, even Kevin Federline's baby mama snagged an invite to the proceedings. Can you find her in the gallery of premiere photos below? Click on each for a larger version:

Very Popular
  • Red Carpet Stud
  • Reed, Nikki
  • Peter and Jennie
  • Possible Boob Grab
  • Julianne at the Premiere
  • Premiere Picture
  • Fiddy Loves New Moon
  • Radiant on the Red Carpet
  • Dakota Fanning Picture
  • Pretty While Posing
  • Nicole and Harlow
  • Michele for New Moon
  • Totally Shar
  • BooBoo Stewart Pic
  • Signing Away
  • Thank You, Fans
  • Pretty Patt

[Photos: Splash News]

But, wait New Moon fans, we've got more!


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There was mania in Madrid yesterday.

There was sexiness in Spain.

There was awesomeness and alliteration acroess the Atlantic, as Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart continued to tour the globe and publicize the November 20 release of New Moon.

Something has gotten into Pattinson during this press tour, as he's actually been spotted smiling at every stop.

Perhaps that has something to do with spending so much time with Stewart, who Catherine Hardwicke confirmed as Rob's girlfriend earlier this week. Was there ever any doubt, though?

Check out the happy, autograph-signing stars below:

More Smiles
  • Signing for All
  • Madrid Mania
  • Very Sexy in Spain
  • Taylor and Kristen Pic
  • Red Carpet Scowl

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Let the excitement over New Moon truly get started!

The cast of this November 20 release kicked off its nationwide mall tour last week, as various stars will stop in various cities and answer questions from fans.

The beloved trio of Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner kicked things off on Friday, appearing in Los Angeles and putting to rest rumors that there was any tension among the group.

Stewart opened up more than usual during the press conference. Here are bits and pieces of what she told reporters and screaming fans in attendance:

Bella grows up: “What I really love about New Moon is that you see this girl build herself back up and by the time she makes this sort of rash decision to spend eternity with a vampire she’s in a position where you actually believe her... She grows up."

Hot Threesome

Edward and Bella break up: “That was the scariest thing. I was almost as worried about messing it up than I was about what I actually should have been thinking about which was the issues that Bella is dealing with. Reading it, it’s so iconic. There’s nothing like that moment in reality even. It’s not even like a normal breakup scene.

"I know what’s it like to get broken up with but I don’t know what it’s like to get broken up with by a vampire who I’ve now been physically and chemically altered by. Suddenly you take an addict, you take whatever they’re addicted to away from them and there’s withdrawal. So that was the most intimidating scene in the entire movie."

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