Octomom TV Show: Confirmed!

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I have no interest in being famous. I’d love to vanish from the public eye as soon as I can.

- Nadya Suleman to Life & Style, 4/9/09

Octomom Childbirth Scar

I'm going to be doing a show.

- Nadya Suleman to Life & Style, 4/15/09

Apparently, a lot can happen in a week. After weeks of speculation, Nadya Suleman has agreed to exploit her ridiculously large family for a TV series. Just don't call in a reality show!

"I's not a reality show. What I'm doing with this TV show is basically creating documentaries about the lives of my children," Suleman told the tabloid. "It's going to be an ongoing thing, and it will follow them from now until they are 18... It will air in the UK and then we'll see if the US is interested."

We doubt it. American networks rarely air reality shows that follow around the lives of useless, money-hungry, attention-starved individuals.

"The producers will come here to film six times a year. They'll come by and take some footage and then they'll go. They won't be invading my life or my children's lives," Suleman said, adding that the cameras will ensure she has great movies by which she can remember her kids.

Isn't that like Kim Kardashian defending her sex tape by saying it will help her remember proper technique in bed?

All that remains is a name for Suleman's TV show. Vote in our poll of below and/or send in your own suggestions...


! We have friends who have three kids the same age as my three. They make a lot more money than we do, and they spend a lot more than we do, too. After we get togteher with our friends, we always find ourselves talking about them on the way home. Whether it's because she (shall remain nameless) wouldn't let her 11 year old eat steak because she thought he might choke on it, or because their daughter has waaaay too many toys and is spoiled rotten, it's hard not to be judge-y. I'm sure they are judge-y about how little money we live on, and how I make my kids do chores. I've learned it's okay to be friends with people who are different. They live in a nice house, drive brand new cars, and shelter their kids rotten. We live on the other side of the tracks, raise chickens and grow our own food, and make our kids work for what they want. I can be any kind of mom I want to be, and so can she. Thanks for the article!


And, for those of you that seem to think the cameras just magically show up in her life and start to intrusively film her - TAKE AN IQ TEST THEN PUBLISH THE RESULTS AND LET THOSE OF US THAT ARE SANE JUDGE YOU AND OCTOMOM!!! Wake up, she invites this sick attention! She has people negotiating shows on her behalf so she can make money and get more attention and on it goes so STOP THIS INSANITY!!!


Stop this nonsense NOW!!!!!! Enough, quit giving this woman publicity and attention! Make her go away by NOT REPORTING on this mental case! I blame the media (T.V and Print Mostly) for pushing these sick stories and then saying that the reader/viewers want to see this garbage! NO THEY DON'T!!! People will watch grass grow on TV if its called reality tv and there is some scripted action now and then, like a swarm of bugs infesting the grass and now the grass growing viewing is in danger. Ooohhh! Same concept with losers like octomom and what she might be doing? Who cares??? Stop giving these nobodies attention and for those of you so ionterested - GET YOUR OWN LIFE!!!!!!!


i think people are to nosey in this moms life so what she loves her kids thats all that matters. our greatgrandparents had 15,16,even 17 kids ... whats the difference if she was wealthy no one would even care. but because she on assistance and not wealthy everyone says a bunch of crap......


I just turn off the show on Fox channel 5 in NY. Never have I done this before but felt the strong need to do this. How on earth this ever happened is beyond words. A medical malpractice suit should be filed against the brainless mass of living cells that was given a medical license. Maybe, HE should be held responsible for this. How on earth has this woman been allowed to get this far. I'm spitting FIRE!! There are people out there that although ARE working, looking for work, etc & are losing their homes & lives & this crazy, delussional, self absorbent, narcasistic, attention craving, did I mentioned CRAZY person has 14 CHILDREN? Where is CPS? How has America gotten to this. I'm scared....really scared!!! for those kids, for this world. BY THE WAY....who is paying for all this? 5 nannies during the day & 4 nannies at night.....We are to blame. While this goes on...there are people that don't know if they'll survive tomorrow...


i think everyone needs to leave her and her family alone! shes gone through enough already. so she purposely had loads of kids but its done with, she cant take it back so instead of making her life and the life of her children miserable just leave them alone and let them be happy. let the kids go outside and play without being bombarded by poparazzi...its ridiculous!!! jeez first the paparazzi blew jon and kate gosselins personal life out of proportion and now their family is done, its over. instead of breaking up another family why dont you f****** paparazzi go out and find a real job that doesnt involve ruining peoples lives! if you like taking pictures so much become a photographer not a sleezeball! i mean come on get over yourselves!!!


Yay I would love to see how she handles all those kids I want to see her t.v show in the US I would watch it record it and all


Yo, Julie, she used a sperm donor; this IS all on her! Pay attention...


I will not use the term *octomom* again just in case she's getting paid everytime it hits the air or is used online. Instead, I prefer a more suitable nickname. Nutty Nadya. I will have no part in her being a millionaire, while my husband & I are out hitting the pavement looking for jobs so we can maintain what we have worked so hard for all these years.


You forgot "Milking it"


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