Lady Gaga Rocks Pink Beehive, Little Else

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When Lady Gaga left a hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, today, she wore an outfit only Lady Gaga would wear, and a hairstyle Amy Winehouse would be proud of.

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    what shit


    I don't like her music, nor think she is attractive in any way. If she had never made music I would not care what so ever... But besides that I give her big props. She has done what most will only ever dream. She has become famous with waring crazy looking shit; witch some would say is just ugly... Over all that she is still famous and many people lover her all over the world... So bash her all you want, she has done what most over you never will. Go ahead say "Because I don't want to, but I can" Bull... Big props to Lady gaga


    Hi! Lady Gaga is crazy! I've just made a mix of her "Love Game" with dialog from The Mighty Boosh, one of my favorite series ever. Check it out on my official site!: DJ Bread n Butter


    If she is so "uglyyyyyy" and so "annoying"...and if "she doesn't deserve to be famous" then why are you here reading an article about her AND even leaving comments about her? Seems either you are glutten for punishment OR a tad obsessed? (I'd say the latter.) I don't understand why when some people hate something they don't just MOVE ON to something they like; no, instead they leave their stupid negative comments and attempt to spread their nasty venom. Do you think you're really changing other people's opinions? NOPE! You're just wasting the time I'm wasting by posting about you.


    amy winehouse ?????
    WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Yeah, I agree, she makes really good music and she's very talented but she's totally crazy and quite annoying!


    Enough is enough.I couldn't give a rats behind what this phoney is doing anymore.


    Lady Gaga's music are cool, but she are ridiculous!

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