The Best (Worst?) of Lady Gaga Fashion

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Lady Gaga is known for her hits "Just Dance" and "Poker Face" but is perhaps even more famous for her eye-popping, often ridiculous fashion choices.

Maybe she's setting trends we don't even know exist yet because she is so ahead of the fashion curve. Or she's compensating for being a butter face.

Whatever the reason, only Lady Gaga would pull this ...

Lady Gaga the Muppet

Yes. An entire jacket (and matching headband) of Kermit the Frog dolls.

Whether we're seeing Lady Gaga naked in V or Rolling Stone or covered in various items on stage, there is simply no telling what the 23-year-old will do next.

Giant buttons. Broken up pieces of disco balls. Gimp masks. See-through granny panties. You think you've seen it all, and she lowers the bar even further.

You can't look away. Click to enlarge more Lady Gaga pictures below for some of the dance-pop singer's highlights (lowlights?) of the past few months ...

Gang Green
Lady G Photo
Incognito Gaga
Masked Gaga
Lady GaGa Naked
Lady Gaga Sort of Topless
Lady Gaga Nude

So to accurately sum up what you've all been are cognitively impaired and you wouldn't know good music if it collectively slapped all of your ridiculous faces. Hooray style supersedes substance again!!! (sarcasm)


Da lady has brot s/th difrent 2 da game


Lg iz da bst no mata what al u sy i luv her 100 %


Lady gaga's have a good style?
anyone make this?


Whilst the Kermit dress is pretty hideous I do think she has awesome style. She is fearless and confident when it comes to fashion and that's what truly matters. She looks way better then the rest of these cookie cutter popstars, at least she's trying something different! Also a little heads up to everyone who thinks it's a gimmick and she's a cheap rip off of Madonna... well she was dressing crazy back when she was a nobody as well (she actually used to be a member of my favourite international street style website).


weltmensch has prepared lady gaga's designer paper dress and hat do you have the guts to wear them and help an unknown become famous?


wow she is so funny i am making a magazine and she is my feature article! I would love to interview her but I don't think that is possible.


I like her quirky fashion sense. It's interesting to see her in different outfits.


lady gaga a fashion icon !! love you !!


she does it for the attention and to sell albums.

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