Lady Gaga: Naked in V Magazine!

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Wow. We never would have imagined this happening so soon (Editor's Note: We totally would have), but Lady Gaga has gone and done it again.

And by it, we mean ditched her clothes for a magazine photo shoot.

In May, we saw Lady Gaga nude in Rolling Stone. That picture, with her covered in bubbles, jumped off the cover harder than the mag jumped the proverbial shark.

Now, the publication of choice is V Magazine, and the photo of the dance-pop diva even more revealing. Yes, the Lady Gaga naked bar has officially been raised.

When it comes to fashion, the "Poker Face" singer has her fans as well as her critics (see her Maxim pics). But when she wears nothing, the consensus is positive.

Follow the jump to see Lady Gaga in all her naked glory ...

Lady GaGa Naked

The glory that is Lady Gaga naked. With rings on her head.

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